Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meals 10/5-10/9

  These are our planned dinners for the week.  Again I don't have the capabilities or the talent to create my own recipes so I will just be sharing recipes I use.  Of course the benefit to this is you may use one of my meals to fill in hole in your week or try something new.

I will put what we had on Monday night too even though it has passed! Thursday may actually be different than what I post because my youngest daughter will be celebrating her birthday.  I am only posting dinners.  They will range from meatless, chicken, salmon, ground turkey, and pork.  We do have the occasional burgers or hotdogs but I don't even have those in the freezer at the moment.

Monday: 10/5 Pasta with white beans and kale

Tuesday: 10/6 (crockpot!!!) Bajio Chicken
http://mm.sixsistersstuff.com/4ugpf37/articles/71296/Slow-Cooker-Bajio-Chicken. (Salsa)http://lemonpeony.com/easy-salsa-recipe-great-for-tailgating/

Wednesday: 10/7 (crockpot!!) Tatertot cassrole with chicken

Thursday: 10/8
Probably pizza she does like salads but she is a city girl and likes Red Lobster, Olive Garden and Outback!

Friday: 10/9 Eggplant strip with salmon
http://allrecipes.com/recipe/121225/eggplant-snack-sticks/ and


  1. I think it's great to have a meal plan for the week! I think I need to give it a shot. That white bean pasta sounds delicious.

    1. I have made the bean pasta twice I do believe that makes it a keeper! I think you can compare meal plans to crockpot meals. When you have put your food in the pot to cook all day you feel better and can check one item off your million item to do list. We you make a list for the week. That's one less thing to worry about at 4 you already know what's for dinner. You know you have the ingredients, where the recipe is and what time to start making it!

  2. I love meal planning! It makes me feel so much more sane!

    1. YES, sane and relief! If I have done nothing else that day I have atleast gotten dinner done!