Friday, October 9, 2015

Weekly Summary

  As we finish the week off I reflect on the good bad and ugly.  I'm going to keep it real.  I don't live in a bubble there is always a little bit of all.  I wish there was all good and no bad or ugly but that is not reality.  I do appreciate when there is more good then bad but there's rarely a all good week!

  So we finished great with our meal plans.

 We had our vegetarian meal on Monday.
Crockpot meal number one on Tuesday.
 Crockpot meal number two on Wednesday.
 We did eat out for my daughters birthday.

Then indulged in cake she made from start to finish.
  Tonight due to my diligence in cooking meals every night has provided me with a day off as there are plenty of leftovers to be eaten.  So the salmon will be moved to a later date but the egg plant needs to be eaten.  Operation no waste in full effect.

 Next week's menu is being finished up.

Have a great weekend!

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