Sunday, October 4, 2015

Apple Muffins

  We are still working on making our apples disappear as well as meet my pumpkin challenge so after an internet search and some voting amongst the children we decided on muffins.  This also was made after the pumpkin brownies so does that mean we were extra motivated in our kitchen?

  Apple Streusel muffins!  I even had a helper in the process!  She helped with the topping.
 I used Jonagold apples and it didn't even take the whole apple and still seemed to have enough apple bits in it.
   This was a good recipe for the teen to learn about wet and dry ingredients, how to make a separate topping and why I always have so many dishes.
 The mix looked so good after we added the apples.
 I used my silicone cupcake holders.  I love these things.  Even though I still wash the muffin tin it doesn't get half as dirty.
The finished product was good.  Little bits of apple just about in every bite.  My picky 2 yo whom won't eat an apple at all ate a couple of these.  Does that count as his quota for fruit?
  I like muffins.   A nice reasonable snack that you can play around with and make it your own.  Very portable and most kids will munch on them too.

Thank you stephssilverboxes for the apple struesel muffins. 4 kids out of 4 liked them!

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