Monday, October 12, 2015

Pumpkin Day 12

  Although I did have a pumpkin latte and I started to make some cookies to late to be cooked tonight (they will be my pumpkin tomorrow) I squeezed out a pumpkin milk shake.

  This recipe does not use the already yummy pumpkin ice cream available in stores.  I used vanilla ice cream and a couple scoops of pumpkin pie from the can.

  I even fudged a little on this recipe as I didn't quite have the exact amount of ice cream so I had added the called for ingredients just not the exact amounts.  That's a close to me making my own recipe up as it gets.

  Also because the rest of the family were eating bowls of ice cream it really didn't matter that my concoctions only made one little glass of a pumpkin milkshake. Hmm, how convenient.
Another day down! Mission accomplished!
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