Friday, October 9, 2015

Bucket List

  Do you have a bucket list? I do not.  I more or less just mentally cross items that I have done that I feel would have been on a sheet of paper if I had it officially written down.

  I have seen bucket lists for before your 40, for the year and now just read about one for the weekend.  I like the weekend one because it may help jazz up a less than entertaining weekend.  A couple of items on the weekend list are all more manageable and think of how fun you weekend would be after that.  You would have had fun in all the options and to cross of multiple items is self fulfilling.

  I am going to work on some items for some of my own bucket lists and share with you in a few days.  I don't think this is an area to be hastily written down just to have it done.  I want to think about it so that I can make it actually happen.

Do you guys have bucket lists?  Care to share?  Do you have thing you want to go or see before a certain age?  Do you want to go somewhere more than anything?

  Now mine won't be as exciting as parachuting but I would like to see a hot air balloon festival!  How do people rate them? Are they rated or its just numerically in order and the numbers really mean nothing.  Let me know I would love to hear.  What do you want to get down this weekend?


  1. I started writing goals and bucket lists when I started blogging. It helps keep me more accountable .

  2. My bucket list would be to travel more. Doesn't matter where, just to get out and see different places.

  3. I have a weekend bucket list (and I like to share it on the blog sometimes), I a smaller list is easier to manage.