Thursday, October 8, 2015

Special Day Number 5

  So today I had my third daughter!  She turns 5 today and so I am guaranteed a very entertaining day.  My little ones are a lively bunch and not very self focused.  She put in a few requests to make her day extra special but I think this day just being hers makes her feel extra nice inside.

  She started her day with balloons and a new oufit.  Tradition with her also involves a tiara.  I allow this as a specialty for birthdays.  She loves it my older children not so much.  If we are not a princess atleast on our birthday then when else could we be?

  Yesterday we talked about cakes.  I thought I had swore off asking cake requests but I still asked her. She wanted a pink cake, a strawberry cake with blue frosting, and her name written in purple with a cherry on top. I don't know what the deal was with the cherry but, I can pull that off.   Then I got an idea what cake was in my cupboard versus homemade and although I didn't have blue I had some with sprinkles in it!  Bonus I would let her make the cake.

  She loved that idea. She read the ingredients needed and got them all out and ready, the temperature the oven needed to be set on, picked the pan and sprayed it.
 We sprayed the pan over the sink as we have tried many different ways and this way all the residual spray hits the sink not the floor and everywhere else. I also held the pan and spun it around as she sprayed that worked out pretty good.
 The mix needed 1 cup of water.  She noted the line where the 1 was and knew the water had to meet that line.  She poured out a little at a time to get the right measurement.
 She broke the eggs (separate bowl just like I was taught) and didn't get any on her fingers and didn't drop any shells!
 She poured her eggs one at a time into the main bowl which probably helped minimize any disasters too.
We needed this much oil.  So her job was to tell me to stop pouring when we hit the right measurements.  She did a great job.
 I cut the bag of cake mix and she dumped it in.  She loved to see the colorful sprinkles in there and couldn't wait till her cake was finished.

                     Stir the mix the cake batter.
 Stir some more and using two hands I guess to make sure you got everything.
Last step pouring the cake batter into the pan then it's oven time.  She was holding the bowl with two hands then I asked her to hold the pan with one.  I think it was an odd adjustment for her but with practice she will get used to it.

 We know had already set the temperature on the oven now we need to take note of the pan we are using and the cooking time.  37- 41 minutes.
 She needs to push the timer on and push to the right time.
 Almost there. 3-7 is what I need.
3-7 there it is! Now to wait for this cake to cook.    Good thing it's her birthday she didn't even ask how much longer as she was watching cartoons during it.

The cake is done now we just need to let it cool and then we will frost it and decorate it.
  I won't forget the cherry on top!

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  1. What a darling little girl! I'm glad you made a delicious looking cake.