Thursday, October 22, 2015

This Pudding is All Mine (Kozy Shack's Pudding review)

  One day I was minding my own business completing surveys for various campaigns when I was granted a pudding campaign.  I love pudding.  Ate various kinds growing up.  I prefer the instant cold over the hot cooked one.  But nothing beats a pudding cup.

  The portability of a pudding cup alone makes it a great thing.  You can pack it in lunches, eat it at a picnic, in a car, or at home!  However those were the other pudding cups.  I received the privilege of tasting Kozy Shack's Indulgent Recipe puddings and my life has changed.

  These are a grown up pudding. Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Truffle, Salted Caramel and Dark Chocolate.  These are sophisticated puddings that children would only gobble down without appreciating each bite. One after the other.  A slow bite, savoring each bite like it is the last is how this pudding should be consumed.

  The first one I ate was upstairs away from the children.  After that first one I have not looked back.  I don't know what my favorite is but I don't need to choose.  I can eat any one I want when I want.

  I urge you know to run out and grab a couple packages why because one only has 4 in it.  That will not even get you through the week.  These puddings are truly decadent and us adults need something of our own too!

All opinions in this review are my own.  I was given coupons to purchase these puddings.  My own negative opinion is they could be a little bigger! How about an adult size version of these puddings?

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