Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Pumpkin! Missed a day! (Day 5)

  Ok so I missed a day but never fear. Catch up is here!  I am more than happy to play catch up and make two glorious recipes with pumpkin in it today!

  So first off we started the day with pancakes.  Pumpkin pancakes.  These were delicious warm.  I had my doubts as the teenager was helping me and a few of the measurements didn't go as planned but all was well.   She is so funny making pancakes.  She lacks in the pancake flipping department.  When she becomes an adult she is going to excel in the pancake department because of all this practice I am giving her.  Or she will never make one when she's grown.  I will have scarred her for life.

 This recipe helped us stretch out the can of pumpkin we opened for the granola yesterday.  A small amount went into the pancakes but it still had a good amount of flavor in them.
These pancakes were great.  I ate a couple without syrup and I think if you can eat them like that then they must be good.

Thank you sweetpeaskitchen for the great pumpkin pancakes!

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