Saturday, October 3, 2015

Baking day and pumpkins

  Today I had a mission for my pumpkin consumption.   Come on now people we all have different goals don't judge.  I knew I was going to make something it was just a matter of what.  I have a couple recipes I want to try.  Some cookies for sure! I have two in mind already.  I also would like to make a pumpkin flavor granola as well as oatmeal.  After those few recipes I have no goal.  I would like to whip up at least a couple savory dishes as well.

  Today I made pumpkin brownies.  I was able to use the rest of the can opened from the smoothie so that was nice. I won't be able to utilize one can for two recipes often.

  I didn't hear any complaints from the household about this brownie.  It was a nice spin on a chocolate brownie.  It had the same texture as I like in my favorite brownie.  Chewy but soft and moist.  Not cake like at all and the chocolate chips when eaten warm were nice pockets of extra goodness.
  This would have been just as good topped with a scoop of ice cream because hey if your going to treat yourself why not add on a little more.

Recipe credit goes to sixsistersstuff.  I have several recipes I use from them! This will not be the last recipe you see from these guys.

  If you have any pumpkin recipes to share I'm open to any!

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