Monday, October 19, 2015

30 Day Blog Challenge

  So I am in this challenge for 30 days of blog writing.  It is supposed to make me a better blogger along with providing me many handy tips, skills and technology advantages.  I am on day 6.  It hasn't been hard as I have shared my daily pumpkin consumption challenges everyday. Choosing a theme to stick with for 30 days makes for a very easy journey of writing.  However I am proud to be able to post other random issues.

  Other random issues help to fluff a blog.  Some bloggers just stick with a blog for reviews, a blog for crafts or a blog for food.  To have a blog about life in general is a little harder as you seem to be going all over the place without any real direction.  I don't want to appear disorganized but I want to share a little of everything to keep everyone's interest as well as still promote products.  This kaos leads people to create more than one blog to focus on more than one theme.

   More than one blog to me is too distracting and I would end up ignoring one or favoring one over another.  So I will stick with my one and share a little bit of everything.  My blog focus is to share my experiences, travels, meals (note I didn't say recipes) along with some deals and product reviews.   All blogs should have a focus.

 As I journey down this blog challenge expect more blogs to get to know me,

my family

and how we take on the day,

 eat the day away

 and enjoy some coupons, samples and product reviews along the way.  Thank you for being here.

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  1. Good luck with your challenge. I have a hard enough time posting 2-3 a week so kudos to you for being on day 6!