Friday, October 16, 2015

Ooh your such a loaf (Pumpkin challenge)

  It's almost amazing how many recipes if you plan a little and maybe skimp a little how far a can of pumpkin can go.  I do believe I have gotten good at it.  I can't make a recipe but I can stretch a can of pumpkin to suit my needs.

 I won't know what to do with myself when it comes to mixing up something that's not orange.  I may think the recipe is wrong after this month.  I will tell you the smell never gets old.
 Have I perfected a pour shot?  Not to bad if I say so?
 All ready set to bake. An hour is such a long time.  But in the end we know it will be a great accomplishment.
 Hello pretty.
 Just a touch of golden color and the sweet taste of pumpkin! Yum!
Now as I show you the picture inside obviously you can see I did forgo the cream cheese.  I was going to put it in, then couldn't find it.  Need I say  later tonight I found it.  Oh well.  It taste just fine without it and if I was watching my calories I have just decreased them slightly.

This recipe came from the  eastcoastmommyblog.

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