Sunday, October 4, 2015

How do you drink your coffee?

  I scored this great Keurig a few months ago from a show on TV for a steal but it was not one of those famous K-cup machines.  No not here.  It was an overlooked R-cup machine. I didn't pay attention to that part when I bought it.  I was just excited that I was able to join the Keurig club.  Well now I don't think I'm part of the club.  I think I'm in the Keurig family but maybe like a distance cousin.  One that's not always invited over but gets a random coupon just too get my money but that's all.

  When it arrived I presented it to my husband as he is the one that wanted to make coffee at home.  I was unaware I could make what I buy at home.  I thought only highly trained professionals were allowed to make it.  I briefly remember him making a cup though.  So obviously you don't need to be so highly trained just skim the directions and your good to go.  It does make lattes and cappuccinos like the original Keurig, it has a frother in the system, but that's where the similarities stop.  I didn't know it was not the "real deal" the K-cup machine until I had gotten reusable K-cups and they didn't fit.

This is what a R-cup looks like.

This cup is much shorter and even a little wider.  There is no confusing the two.  I can not use a K-cup in my R-cup machine.  The Rivo is strictly a R-cup deal.

  I still haven't personally used it but do frequent area places for my coffee supplement.  Thankfully I do not need coffee and so therefore do not go everyday or every week. However I have gone to Wawa three times this week!  Today being the third day I actually picked up their refillable cup.  The cup costs a couple dollars and refills for this month are $1.  After this month they go up a few cents more.  Ahh, did you hear me say I have already gone multiple times this week already.  Looks to me like I purchased my refillable cup just in time.

  Of course don't bother asking what's in my cup.  Tis the season for pumpkin!!  I fell in love with it after the first cup.  Lol, are you still with me?  I am not a regular coffee drinker but I have drank coffee 3 times this week.  Something is going on.  It is so good that my husband doesn't get any leftovers.  Usually he gets the other half of the cup.  I drink the whole thing.  I used to also get sick after drinking even the little bit that I did.  I also couldn't necessarily drink it when it was room temperature or cold.  Not the case here!  This coffee is all around good and pleasing to me and my belly!

    Well I am now so excited to go back with my cup for the rest of October and reap the rewards of paying a reduced rate for my coffee, sparing the landfill of my coffee cups
and drinking up some more yummy goodness.

What's in your cup?

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