Saturday, January 2, 2016

That's a wrap! (Weekly recap)

  This week is over in a whirlwind of a hurry.  Starting with the same weekend Christmas was ending, throwing New Year's Eve in the mix and wrapping up the end of the week with my birthday.

  I can't even sit back and pretend I didn't do anything just based on those days alone.
However I have spent time reading, organizing the blog post for the month, coordinating other schedules for the month, setting objectives and various goals as well as I think relaxing somewhere.

  Rewind my week:

Received my voxbox from Influenster!  Keep an eye out for the unboxing!

Caught a matinee showing of Sisters!

Finished last book of 2015 and actually jumped right into another one!

 Earned some crutches to go with my orthopedic boot for my slowly healing stress fracture.  I am even getting pretty speedy on them if I do say so myself!

Visited Colonial Williamsburg for the last time of the year and was lucky enough to catch an evening show.

I guess that's a wrap.  Can't say I didn't do anything! Plan is to stay busy!  Stay positive! Live life and enjoy it at least a little.

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