Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Goals

  Sometimes I find it easier to write my goals down so I can keep track of them.  You know keep track of the ones I need to carry over to the next month because I never completed it in the 30 days I told myself too.

  Well but just like they teach you in school. Try and try again.

1. Unveil my voxbox from Influenster  (tomorrow keep an eye out)

2. Increase my followers on instagram and twitter! (Without sharing a number with you) You of course are more than invited to follow me.  I post more regularly on those platforms.

3.  I have several books to read this month (7) (3 are physical library books).  If I get all those read I will be happy.

4. Share a new meal plan with you every week. ( 1 week down)

5.  Post at least 2 you tube videos!

6.  Complete 4 DIY projects!

7.  Exercise although very modified (less the cardio) 3-4 times a week.  (As of this week it's only been once)

8.  Create 4 crafts with my kids! They will greatly appreciate this!

9.  I need to drink more water 9 glasses a day is my focus!

10.  Practice hairstyles and nail designs. (I have 3 girls this is almost a necessity)

Ok there it is. 10 goals for me to complete for the month of January.   I feel so much better making a list.  A lot of them I can post so you can watch my progress or lack thereof.  Wish me luck and if you have any goals you need motivation with let me know!

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