Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ink and Bone (book review)

Ink and BoneInk and Bone by Lisa Unger
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Ink and Bone was selected off the shelf by myself on a spontaneous trip to the library to shut my oldest child up. She had run out of books and was begging to get new books. I picked this book based on the title alone as I was not familiar with this author. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith.

The story is based in a small mystery town in good old upstate NY. The story circles around one man character Finley. Finley is a young women trying to get an understanding of what is expected of her and still try to hold on to being her own unique person. She covers her body with tattoos. Tattoos of her dreams, her story, the unsolved mysteries of her life. Of course her close relationship with the tattoo artist doesn't hurt.

This is a book you need to pay attention to when you read it. Some parts as you read it don't make sense until the end. The end fits all the pieces together and makes a complete picture.

I don't enjoy reading a book that flips to different scenes and different people every other chapter. It's hard to jump back in if I put the book down for a period of time and then pick it back up.

I did like the story as it was descriptive enough for me to visual the whole story. There was enough mystery to keep me wanting to read and solve the mysteries along the way. I liked the realistic main character. She was believable. A young 20 women whom thinks she knows everything or feels independent enough but still needs help. Smart enough to admit she needs help but strong enough to step out on limb to make an attempt to do what she needs to do.

I felt closure at the end of the book with the characters in it and feel like there's room and a lead into another book which I would read.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Let's Drink to that (Strawberry recipe review)

  We picked up strawberries yesterday so I am able to try a few more recipes.  Today I decided to try a drink. Not a smoothie or a milkshake but good ol strawberry milk.

  I followed the recipe to a point but I actually didn't use all the strawberries but, most of them.  I looked at a few recipes and choose this one based on the maple syrup instead of the large quantity of sugar.

  I am very interested in trying to make strawberry milk minus all the other secret ingredients that come in the traditional strawberry milk.  It would be nice to make my own with minimal ingredients making it healthier!

  This recipe just required 3 ingredients.  I think as basic as that is it should be enough to accomplish the taste I want without the over abundance of sugar, artificial flavor and color.

  I cooked the berries down;

added the maple syrup and cooked for a bit longer then added it to the blender.

  I followed the directions to run the berries through a strainer to reduce if not remove the berries.

  Next you add the berry syrup

then the milk.

  Overall the recipe was very easy to make but I didn't taste a strong enough strawberry flavor.  I would make this recipe again and increase the berries, follow the cooking, blending and straining steps again just to see if I can reach that level I'm looking for.

For now bottoms up to the first round!   Notice the top of my drink! I strained it and this was still the result.  I didn't mind though it kind of looks like a special garnish.

 Find the recipe here:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Gillette Venus Swirl review

It is almost summer time!  Although I shave year round I do it more consistently in the warmer months for many reasons.  One reason being summer, summer means heat and heat means water and water means bathing suit!

  I have a few requirements for a good razor.  A great handle for grip and control, moisturizing blades and a clean, smooth cut.
  The Gillette Venus Swirl matches in all areas.  the handle is a nice solid comfortable handle.  The handle is covered in both texture and smooth surfaces in all the right places to hold the razor.  The flexiball is just a bonus it adds a more helpful component in reaching surfaces that are not flat.  The slight curve of the flexiball allows the razor to glide over my knees, muscles and under my arms with single swipes instead of multiple swipes and changing my position or angle.

  Although I tend to use my razors well after the moisture strip is gone.  I appreciate a good moisture strip when I am able to use it!  I believe that first contact with the strip when shaving helps soften that skin!

  A clean and smooth shave can only be accomplished with a good razor and blades.  I have found that the more blades the better.  This Gillette has five blades with precision shaving power.

  I am completely satisfied with Gillette Venus Swirl razors.  The razor meets my expectations of what a razor needs to be! I was provided this product complimentary by Influenster for review purposes and all opinions are my own.