Thursday, February 9, 2017

W is for Watermelon ( kids craft)

  This week we are discussing the letter w here.  I decided we needed to make a craft and watermelon it was.  Which is almost kind of sad considering my little student doesn't even like watermelons.

  For this craft you may already have the basic supplies on hand.

1 paper plate
Red paint
Black paint
Paint brush
Green paper

  I selected this craft and made it especially like this to allow different tools and techniques for my son to complete.

  Folding, cutting, gluing, painting and dotting.  They all take a different level of not only patience but also require you to change your thinking, hand and eye coordination and actually watch the creativity of the watermelon be born as he's working on one step at a time. 

Fold the plate in half.  I did this part and made it as even as I could.  Older kids could probably do this by themselves.

Cut the green sheet for the rind.  The size of the pieces don't matter.  So give your little one the scissors and let them go at it.

After the rind was put on we colored the inside red.  I think it probably works better this way then glue first and paint second just based on mess I'm assuming.

After the red paint has dried we added black dots to represent the seeds.  I used q-tips for this part as it would make the dots smaller.  Challenges the little ones with their grip and precision.

The perfect watermelon.  It sits up and painting both sides gives it a nice look.  Of course you could use this piece for naming the parts or incorporating it into a lifecycle of a watermelon.  We discussed the colors and the different parts.  I wonder if the next time I pick it up at the store if he will eat it.

What's your favorite fruit?  I made several pinterest recipes utilizing watermelon last year. Check that out here.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

It's Ok

It's ok!  It's ok when your opinion doesn't match the majority.  It's ok when your the only one with an opposing view.  I'm teaming up with airingmylaundry.  She posts weekly about what she's ok with!  So check it out and post what your ok with this week.

It's ok......

  It's ok that I didn't really watch The Superbowl this year not even the commercials.  I did however watch the whole halftime show!  

  It's ok that I have already set record on my tv for the finale of The Bates Motel scheduled to come on February 20th. 

  It's ok that I'm excited to watch Grey's Anatomy this week to see what Karev is up to.

  It's ok to not be excited for Valentine's Day.  I would love to eat out, munch on chocolate,  be adorned with jewelry or have some fresh flowers any day.  I don't need a specific day.

  It's ok that I love watch all food shows with kids.  To hear how they have been cooking for years makes me laugh but their lack of fear to concoct things is pretty cool.

  So that's what I'm ok with!  What are you ok with?  How is your week going?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Little Lies (book review)

  I just finished my 5th book of the year.  It was Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.  This was the second book of hers that I have read.  She has a knack for storytelling.  She has a special way of giving you a little bit and pulls you through the majority of a book with just little bits until you get to the peak of the story.

  I find this tactic very challenging.  It makes reading a book very hard for me.  I desperately hold on trying to get to who, what, where and when.  In both books it was worth the wait but it was a challenge to get past nonetheless.

  The story circles around 3 women with different lifestyles, backgrounds and relationships.  There's Jane the single mom new to the posh area looking for new beginnings and future lazy beach days. Madeline someone can appreciate hard work and education.  A mom remarried and finding balance with your ex husband and his new family at your child's school.  Lastly Celeste whom is the lady everyone wants to be.  Wakes up perfect everyday, has the best house husband and a set of twins.

  The story is filled with a swarm of kindergarten moms who actually behave worse then their kids.  Who said their weren't clicks as an adult?  These ladies support each other, encourage each other and backstab and murder for each other.

  Overall I liked the book and would say it was a nice read but I hated the drawn out process.  I just wanted to get to the point.  The author has a fun dialogue with other characters in the book and once I caught on I could see how the book was going to continue so expectations were controlled but I would have like more information prior to the climax of the story.

  Have you read this book?  Did you enjoy it?

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Book Clubs

  Let's talk about a book club for a minute.  I know they have been around for years but, I only just recently joined one.  I saw a book that I had previously saw a movie for and it was the upcoming topic of a book club at my local library.

  This book club was meeting at a local trail to take a walk and discuss Wild.

photo credit to NY Times

I think it was a combination of the movie that I liked, the book I never read and a trail I hadn't hiked before caught my attention to join this club.  I read the book and showed up at the trail but the mosquitoes were out in full force and it was the 1st day of hunting.  The hike was canceled and we met at a local restaurant for discussion.

The next book was selected around the Halloween theme.

Photo credit to Amazon

This was the first time reading this book but, the author had written a piece I had read in highschool.  When I talked about this book I was surprised with how many people were familiar with it.  We met at a local teahouse and disused the book over hot cups of tea and a light lunch.

Over the holidays she just a winter themed book.

                   Photo credit to Amazon 

  This book discussion was to meet at the train station museum.  However due to bad weather that weekend this meeting was canceled.  I was looking forward to this as I had not been to that particular museum before.

Our most recent meeting took place this weekend.  We met at the library for an activity and to discuss the latest book.

For this event we discussed The Goldfinch and the previous book that we were not able to discuss.  For this event we painted our own goldfinch.  The host had already had the picture on our boards so we just got to paint and talk.

  I have never belonged to a book club but this has been a great experience.  It has allowed me to be part of a group, helped me make time to read, have adult time and read books I never would have tried before.

  Our next book has been decided but I can't remember at the moment what it is called.  I look forward to reading it and taking that journey that only a book can give you.

  What's the last book you have read?  Have you ever belonged to a book club before?

Friday, February 3, 2017

Helping Hands with Edmarc

  Helping hands will be a look at how we are helping our community.  At the beginning of the year I had expressed one of my 2017 goals was to volunteer more.  Volunteering can be done by anyone and everyone.  It doesn't just involve financial support, you can donate items, assist in tasks, read books or even take a walk and visit.  You can volunteer for animals or with people, a charity or an organization with a cause.

    Today I want to share with who we helped, what we did and how we helped.

  Edmarc is a children's hospice organization.  A few years ago my older girls and I had volunteered with this group helping out during a fall festival.  We had a great time seeing all the costumes and smiles.  So when I decided to volunteer this year Edmarc was on my list to help in some way.

  Edmarc helps childen and their parents cope.  They provide support, home care and smiles.  Edmarc offers various programs for the children and their families throughout the year as well as fundraisers.  These special events offer a happy outlet and a way to celebrate the holidays that may be overlooked due to medical concerns.  It's a time and a place for the kids and their parents to unwind and relax for that moment in time.

  Shopping this weekend brought me to my donation for Edmarc.  What do kids like?  Toys, games and rides.  They like to smile, laugh and have fun.  When they are sick none of these things happen or they happen less frequently.  I choose to donate toys.  A bear or a doll to snuggle with.  Something to squeeze when they are lonely, sad or in pain.

  I recently ran across a great deal at Kohls.  The toys without the books for their Kohls Cares program were on clearance.  They were marked down from $5.00 to $1.50.

 Madeline, Curdoroy and Paddington were all there to choose from.  They made me smile so I know they would make the little people smile. I bought some and dropped them off at Edmarc for the kids!

  You are more then welcome to join with me this month and support Edmarc or a organization near you.  If not find a small way, a convenient way (for you) to make a difference.