Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Past Present Future (and a giveaway with Jord watches)

 I recently celebrated a birthday and even though it wasn't a BIG year on its own;  every year is something of it's own regardless. The best gift I received was a Jord watch!  I have had my eye on these watches for years.  The unique wood detail and the brilliant vivid colors make these watches more then just accessories.  These watches are center pieces to be noticed! Find out more about my  Frankie series watch.

 I had a long year last year and with my recent birthday,  a new year and the bright future ahead of me I am ready to take the new year on.   What better way to keep track of the past, present and future then with a Jord watch for yourself.   Here is a giveaway for your chance for a $100 gift code for your own Jord watch! Everyone who enters will receive 10% off just for trying!

This beautiful timepiece exemplifies quality and style.  Any Jord watch you select is sized precisely and the backplate can even be engraved!  These are truly a heartfelt gift.

The color makes me smile everytime I slide this watch on.  Whether I wear a complimentary color or not this watch blends in perfectly.

I think the clasp had me the most impressed.  You pinch each side for the clasp to release. The size chart provided worked great for a perfect fit of this watch.

This watch stands above the rest.

You can see the grooves and texture in the wood.  The wood is made up of natural and reclaimed materials.

 The Jord watch makes the perfect gift if not for yourself then a friend.  A spouse, friend, or parent. Any recipient would be thrilled with this present.  Engraved for even more special recognition.

 I appreciate the collaboration Jord watches gave me with this product.  All opinions and comments are my own.

Wooden Wrist Watch