Monday, April 25, 2016

Country Crock (review)

  A few weeks ago I received a new voxbox from Influenster.  This package was for Country Crock spread.  In this package was a coupon to make my own purchase be it a tub or sticks of the spread.  Also included was a recipe card to create my own cookies with a basic recipe.  I choose the tub.

  I have baked with sticks in the past but choose to make my cookies with the spread.  Not hard at all. I scooped out the appropriate measurements and added it to my mixing bowl.  I was elated with the ease of using the spread.

  The convenience of using the spread allows me now the privilege of making one purchase for future baking or giving me an alternative to using sticks.

  Country Crock didn't fail me in flavor either.  The flavor was still there in every bite of the cookies as much as it is on a slice of toast or as an add-in for some vegetables.

  Country Crock comes in 3 flavors in addition to the original: churn style, light and calcium.  I prefer tubs because I like to be able to put the top back on it and it sits in the fridge taking up minimal space but I can also stack things on it as well.  Sometimes my sticks have been known to jump out off that fridge door.  Also being able to recycle or reuse the tubs is a bonus.

  I was provided this product for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Barbershop The Next Cut (movie review)

  Well I need to get caught up on my last movie.  I went to see this last Sunday which technically puts me a day behind.  I never caught up with a new movie this week and already have a scheduled movie for next week being tomorrow.  So I have officially missed watching/catching a movie once a week.  At the present time as of today I do not have plans for a movie seeing as I'm going tomorrow.  I know which one I would go see today but I doubt I will go.

  So last week I went to see Barber Shop.  Starring Ice Cube, Cedric the Entertainer to name a few!  This comedy PG-13and runs for 1 hour and 52 minutes was indeed a good movie.  I was entertained through the whole movie and maybe even experienced an episode of a wet eye.

  The crew is back and with some ladies working in the shop you are privileged to catch the banter between the two sexes.  There's flirting, jokes and seriousness passed from side to side.  Serious topics as well as jokes about each other.  I started to feel like I knew the ending from the very beginning but was thrown off a couple times.  Nothing wrong with that. I think that makes a better movie when I can watch it without a really knowing what's going to happen.

  Gangs and guns!  An area that is out of control.  In some areas more than others.  Innocent people die or suffer as a result of gangs.  Companies lose customers or their whole business.  Neighborhoods are tormented.  Frightened, innocent, naive children are injured, killed or inducted into the gangs.  More can be done but only by the help of many.

  The barbershop wants to start a movement. They want people to recognize a problem and work on actively resolving it.  They use their resources and work as a team to bring light on an area that is a growing problem everywhere.    

  We don't live in a bubble and are definitely capable of more than what we think.  Maybe not capable of handling all situations by ourself but as a team that supports, encourages and motivates.  We could make a lot of things happen.  Everyone knows someone.  You don't know a reporter but a friend or a friend does.  Find a platform your passionate about and use that as a focus to make a change.

Glad I went and would see it again on dvd!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Boss (movie review)

  I picked this movie based on Melissa McCarthy and her comedic ways.  She did not disappoint.

  In this movie she is a rich boss woman.  In charge of her own empire and sharing her get rich ideas with the world.  However she messes or lack there of with the wrong person who brings her down.  She's left with basically nothing but her assistant.  However fortunately her mindset was still in the get rich, stay rich, be rich mode but she couldn't get hired or find partners to work with.  So after seeing the potential of a tasty treat and some girls being taken advantage of she comes up with a brilliant idea for anyone willing to take a chance.

  This was a good movie. I was entertained by it.  Her movies are nice when she has another great A star actor in it.  There's always a slow spot in every movie; don't look for it just watch and enjoy.   I was only annoyed at the scarf around her neck the entire movie which in suppose was to portray her "rich" status but it was always there.  Knowing her daughter along with her husband playing parts in it was kind of fun when you hear that back story.

  I am not turned off by her movies and will continue to go but just have not been completed wowed by her movies.  I will keep watching so if I were to rate this. I would watch it again via redbox!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Eye in the Sky (movie review)

  I looked over my options for the week and decided Eye in the Sky was the movie for me for the week.  This drama/thriller is rated R and runs for 1 hour 42 minutes.  The cast to pull this movie off included Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman and Aaron Paul to name a few.

  Having been in the military I do like to occasionally watch a military type film.  This one was no let down.  We are all aware of the invisible eyes of the government watching us.  What we don't know is how often, when, where and what capabilities do they really have to do it.

  Our modern times have led us to make some hard decisions.  Human life has seemed to decrease in value in the eyes of others.   In the defense of a nation, country or crowded landmark  how many should die, do die or could die if a situation is diverted or not?

  This movie keeps you entertained from the beginning of the movie with high tech technology like drones and their secret pilots on land, innocence learning how to perfect hula hoop action and selling you wares at the corner to provide income for your family.  We all have our daily routines. Activities that we do to pass the time or make money.

  Without making everyone paranoid we do not live in a safe world.  We are not free from harm and we don't know who is watching.

  Sit back and enjoy this movie.  Take a peak at the military and government in action saving people from a bigger problem.  An unimaginable situation.  This movie should make you think of the consequences of your own actions.  What one little decision did you make that made a difference?

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Batman v Superman (movie review)

  This movie is more than two men in tights and capes.  It's a movie with two men in tights, capes and a women!  I would not label myself as a superhero geek but I do appreciate a superhero movie like the next regular nongeek person.

    Batman v Superman runs for 2 hours and 33 minutes and is rated PG-13.  This movie is a science fiction theme film staring Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gado to name a few.  This cast brought the superheroes to life.

  I was entertained by the characters all of them and some scenes proved to be better entertainment than others.  I was on the edge of my seat to see the lady in action but the length of this movie was a little much for me.
  The movie does take time and give you some basic history on all superheroes.  I was highly amused with Lex Luther (Jesse Eisenberg) throughout the film that's for sure.  Apparently I went with someone more knowledgeable in the area as when I had a question it was answered.  I'm a little more team Batman than team Superman  so I did get lost at times.

  The glimpse I got for future rescues by other heroes was exciting.  I will need to catch up before the next movie comes out!  You know I don't like to spoil the movie so I will not tell you who dies or who won!  I will say if you come into the movie late it will be ok.  There is a lot of fluff through the movie which hurts the movie as 2 hours was excessive.  The fight scenes were nice and I could have tolerated that more than Lois Lane scenes.

  I wouldn't wait for this movie to come to dvd matinee would be fine.  This way you can enjoy some popcorn, a break from kids and some popcorn!