Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodnight 2018

  I'm not going to say goodbye or good riddance to 2018.  I'm just going to say goodnight.  I have learned a lot this year and although a majority of it was not positive I appreciate the good experiences I had.

  I will say goodnight as I put the memories to rest.  I will say goodnight because I will not forget but will move on towards the future.  I will say goodnight because when I woke up I made some really good friends along the way.

  2018 you didn't have to be so rough but I guess I needed some lessons taught, learn to be humble, learn to trust friends and learn that I am stronger then I think.

 2019 I ask that you be gentle.  I will follow your lead but I also know I need to eventually take my own path.  I look forward to be a stronger individual both mentally, physically and emotionally!  I know I will be a better person at the end.

 For 2019 I want to continue on my path of health and fitness.  I want to continue to volunteer when I can. I want to be a positive role model for my kids. As well as continue to grow in my faith.  I want to be happier and I am in charge of that!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you follow me into the new year and enjoy my journey. I look forward to hearing your adventures too and we can motivate each other.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Motivation Decorations

  Its time to talk about decorations!  We all have different styles and a personal preference to textures, patterns and shapes but what we all like or could use is a little more motivation, inspiration or encouragement in our lives.  It might not even be for ourselves but for other family members or it's just a great saying in general that needs to be posted.

   I found several choices at!  This site was easy to navigate and whether your looking for a biblical message or a motivating quote they both are available.  There are even some personalized prints available.

  I like that your not only able to personalize a print but, that your also able to select a frame.

I had the choice of a couple frames and I chose the basic black frame.  It was a thick durable frame

It even came with it's own hardware which is nice for hanging it up in a timely manner instead hunting for the pieces.

The packaging was thorough to include packing peanuts as well to keep my print safe. 

I am completely satisfied with this product and service.  The whole experience was easier then i thought.  I think the hardest decision was which print to select and the frame.  I chose this print because I liked the phrase as well as the colors on it.  

Delivery was fast and I actually even had a follow up email to ensure I did want the passage on the bottom.  There is still time to order yours in time for a gift for this holiday season as well.  Feel free to use code Blog15 for a 15% discount!  This code is available through the 30th of this month.  While your waiting for your print you can also try your luck with this giveaway! Click here for that! 

I was provided a complimentary item for review purposes.  However all opinions stated were solely my own.

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Love Does for Kids (book review)

  I forgot all about sharing this great book my daughter and I read together with you!  We recently finished reading Love Does for kids by Bob Goff and Lindsey Goff Viducich.

  This book was the perfect spring board into conversations about everything and anything.  We talked about how people would have felt based on the authors experience as well as discussed the lesson learned.

  The questions at the end and scenes from the bible all tied the chapters together.  Each chapter though however still led to another discussion which made this book a great read.

  My daughter is in elementary school and could easily read the chapters.  She really enjoyed the different chapters and it made her think. She liked the challenges of figuring out how she could relate the chapters read into her present life.

  "If you've been cut or bruised or if your feelings have been hurt, Jesus is like a doctor who lives on your block. He's nearby if you need Him. Just call His name and He'll come to you, sit at your table, and heal you in ways only He can."

  This was an excellent book and my daughter and I recommend you add this to your bookshelf.  I could see even visiting this book years later because she will have had different experiences and have a different perspective.  I received this book complimentary for review purposes and all opinions provided are solely mine.