Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Ok

  Linking up again with airingmylaundry to share what's been ok lately.  This is where we can share with each other what others may not necessarily agree with.  Or where your opinion is opposite the majority.

It's ok......

  That I'm not horrible excited about the new Fifty Shades Darker.  I saw the first one after it finally made it to television.

It's ok......

  That I don't have any plans for dinner the rest of the week but, I have the grocery list planned so maybe after that trip that will help.

It's ok.....

  That I'm not super excited about the Super Bowl.  Even if they took out the game and gave me the commercials cutting the time down drastically, even if it was different teams I just never get super excited.

It's ok.....

  That I took 3 cups of cocoa from the gym today as a treat for my two kids and myself! There's days when I don't take any at all so why not once and a while I snag a cup for 1 person not visibly there.

  Ok I will stop there.  What's ok lately with you?

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Amish Weddings book review

  Amish Weddings Neighbors of Lancaster County Book 3 by Leslie Gould was a entertaining book to say the least.  I read book 2 but missed out on the first one makes me wonder what I missed in the beginning.  I may have to go look it up and see what I missed.

    In book 3 it continues with the Lehman sisters.  They always have something going on.  Lila has some big decisions to make and Zane is still by her side.  Rose the middle sister is busier then ever in this story.  She has a lot to say and everyone is listening.  Trudy is the same adorable self.  She is learning more about life in this book.  Dat is around but hes getting a little soft around the edges.  Eve and Charlie are still helping the girls but, they have their hands full this time.  A majority of all the same characters are in this book and some have different relationships.  New characters have been introduced as well.

  You might have to look both ways before you cross the street now.  Juneberry Lane has more traffic on it in this book to include Billie a buggy pulling horse.

  I was given this book complimentary from Bethany Books for review purposes and all opinions stated are my own.  I genuinely enjoyed the story, the characters and the overall book from start to finish.

  This is a good series to pick up so don't just pick up book number 3.  Start at the beginning and enjoy the journey.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Top 5 Girls Hairstyles Roundup

  My daughter has such pretty hair and although I give her ponytails, and braids I want to do more with it.  It's fairly thin compared to my thick hair and looks amazing even when she wakes up without brushing it.

  Someone had posted about learning something new each month and learning to do new hairstyles was one of them.  I thought that was a great idea in regards to my child. Maybe I'll even figure something out for myself but not right now.

  However for right now I am sharing some hairstyles from Pinterest to help get the creativity juices flowing.  I selected ones I thought were easy or manageable to do.

  This one must be as easy as it looks because it doesn't even have instructions!

  This one provided a great you tube video but it's basic braids made into a bun and I have made buns before and braids so I think I got this one!


The Chignon

The Chignon looks easy enough if I have a bun mastered.  I hope this is the hardest one I have to pull off.  Does it matter the length of the hair I wonder?

I like the look of this one and even though the video looks easy enough I think it will be a challenge.  It's such a fun luck though.  If I complete it and the child at least pulls it off for a couple hours before she rubs her head on a blanket or jumps it out I will be happy!


  Lastly the bow.  I have done this one before so a second time shouldn't be a problem.  It's also another cute look that I like.


  Ok let's see how this works out.  Challenge is good and change is sometimes ok.  I look forward to trying some of these hairstyles on my daughter and I know she will like them too.

  Do you plan on learning something new this year or month?  Do you change your hairstyle?

Friday, January 27, 2017

Three Ways to Pamper

  I rarely take time for myself.  I have been reading a lot more so that's nice but I want to do something for myself.  So over the course of the weekend I'm going to take 15 minutes each day to do something for me!

  1.Paint nails.  I haven't painted my fingers in awhile but my toes need to be redone so this is one item I'll be doing this weekend.

2.  Facial treatment.  It's always nice to put a relaxing mask on and sit back and relax.  I have a few different ones so I will see what I feel like.

3.  Light some candles and take a bath.  This is not the most relaxing thing I can do because creepers appear outside the door and are constantly picking at me through it but maybe I will add a headset to the mix.

  Do something for yourself this weekend or maybe 3 things!  What are your plans for the weekend?  What do you do for yourself when your short on time?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

What I'm Loving this Week

  What I'm loving doesn't mean the same as favorites (yesterday's post).  Its just simply a phase of the week.

  What I'm loving this week is....

  Grey's Anatomy is back on tonight. I swear either the breaks get longer or I get slower.

  My current read Amish Weddings.  The 300ish pages is so refreshing after the 900ish from the last book.

  My mother's group MOPS is tomorrow and along with fellowship of other women we are making a craft.

  My Alexa from Christmas with her sassy personality and jokes.

I also loved my free coffee from 7-11 on Wednesday!

That's what I'm loving this week.  How about you? What are you loving this week?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

My favorites

  My name is Rose!  I blog about food, family, fitness, crafts, outdoor adventures and everything else.

  I don't you don't know much about me so lets get to know each other a bit!

Favorite dessert: cannoli


Favorite reality show: Besides Real Housewives of Atlanta, New Jersey and Potomac I like Outdaughtered on TLC. 6 girls!!!!


Favorite animal: belugas

                  National Geographic Kids

Favorite number: 2

Favorite cuisine: Italian (pizza)


Favorite color: all

Favorite clothing: all things warm

Favorite music: hip hop and pop

Favorite movie: Moana

                           Disney Moana

Favorite social media platform: Instagram I love the ability to see all over the world.  I love to see all the nature pictures as well.

  Ok let's stop for there now because I don't want you to know me better then me.  Let's spread this relationship out.

What are some of your favorite things?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hidden Figures (movie review)

  This drama was released into theaters based on true events in Dec and I finally got around to seeing it.  The film is rated PG and has a run time of about 2 hours.  The film had a great cast including Kevin Costner, Octavia Spencer and Kirsten Dunst and many more.

  This film takes place in Virginia in the 60's.  The story follows 3 women as they work in various areas of NASA.  The film touches on the day to day obstacles they faced based on the color of their skin.  Segregated buses, drinking fountains and bathrooms.

  Promotions for two women lead them into a more responsible role with a lack of appreciation and respect.  The third women played by Octavia Spencer works harder to secure her fleet of women and their jobs by learning the new computer system that's being brought in.  This learning process takes us to a stop at the local library which of course is also segregated.

  I was energized by this movie not because they were of color or women.  I liked this movie because of the determination they had.  The fight they had in them to take their job to the next level.  They knew they were smart.  They knew they were qualified.  They just had to prove the laws were wrong and that they were an equal citizen if allowed.

  I have not read the book and I'm not aware of what was added to the movie to enhance it but a few of my favorite parts including: the scenes where Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson) ran across the base to use the bathroom, where Mary Jackson (Janelle MonĂ¡e) told her case to the judge and when AL Harrison (Kevin Costner) took down the "coloreds" bathroom sign.

  There was enough going on though the movie that I wasn't bored.  I sat entertained through the duration of the film.  I walked out empowered with the confidence that I could do anything if I set my mind to it.  It made me want to encourage the children of the future to keep at what your good at be it science or math.  They will get recognized for their accomplishments!

  Have you seen this film yet?  Any plans to?  What's the last movie you saw?

Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Ok

  Did you know that even if the majority doesn't favor your opinion, it's ok.

 If your children are not happy with your dinner selection, it's ok.

  You can return a call in five minutes or an hour it's ok.

  I catch an It's OK post randomly from airingmylaundry.  Its a humorous post that she shares weekly about basically how her week went or lack there of but she accepts what happens and is going with the flow.  So this week I have decided to play along.

It's ok!

  That I didn't watch the football playoffs last and if it wasn't for social media I wouldn't have a clue who won.

  That even though I got a tattoo a couple weeks ago that part of me still wonders if it really is permanent.

  That I am so far behind Vikings but still let it hold up space on the DVR just in case I might watch it. (**Update my cable provider changed and I didn't even binge watch it before the plug got pulled.)

  That I didn't do anything productive this weekend to include dinner that I had my teenager make.

  How was your week?  What are you ok about?

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Monday Encouragement

Tomorrow is Monday and with Mondays come moods, and regret.  A longing for the weekend that past or the weekend of the future.

  It's just another day that we need to tackle with the same attitude as a Friday!  Wake up, reflect, breath

 and jump in beast mode!

  Get it done and keep it moving! The quicker we move the sooner it will be over!

  What's your biggest fear on a Monday?  Deadlines for work?  Are you making up for having the weekend off?

Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Ipsy Bag review

  I just got my new Ipsy bag for Jan.  The first of my 2017 subscription.  It still came with the 5 items that I have come to look forward to and it didn't have a brush this time.  I would need to go back and look but I swear a majority of the bags had a brush of some kind.

  Item one in my bag was Bye Bye Under Eye Illumination by It Cosmetics.  My shade was tan.

This sample is a small tube that boasts the power of 8 hours of sleep in an application.  Also with its anti-aging formula your skin will look younger!

  Item number two was a 3 minute peel by Real Chemistry.

This sample was .35 FL oz. tube.  Apply the peel to your face, massage for a couple minutes then rinse off. How easy is that for a fresh and clean face?

  Next I received eyeshadow from Naked Cosmetics.

This shade is Desert Sunset #DE-02.  Its a copper color with a sparkle to it.  This container was .05oz.

  My fourth item was a primer by Temptu.

  This sample bottle was 7.5ml.  I like this primer as it was really light on my face.

  Last item in my Jan Ipsy bag was blush by Mannakadar Beauty.

  This great little compact samples shade was Paradise.

  Another month done.  Another satisfied month.  I enjoyed this subscription last year and will continue with it this year!  It gives me a chance to experience with brands I many not have or ever would have tried.  I like the different items that I may have overlooked as well.  A new bag every month not only provides me a new cute bag there are endless possibilities for what's inside.

  Do you subscribe to a monthly subscription?  Would would you like in a subscription if you picked one?

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Water Wonderland Reflection

  I don't remember like it was yesterday because it wasn't.  It was two weeks ago.  The first snowfall of the season and even 2017 hit Virginia and gave us a beautiful blanket of white of which we laid down under stuck in our house for a couple days.

I took a walk through the neighborhood because after a few days inside it really didn't matter how cold it was outside.

I found my favorite little purple berry bush with the berries still slightly pretty in a new way.

Decorations left the holiday looked even better with snow.

Child' play.  It made me smile to see this angel.

The remnants of a past holiday.

A full moon and a beautiful blue sky.

Finally the cavalry arrived to clean the streets and make them acceptable for travel again!

I'm not placing any bets that this will be our one and only snowfall but if there's another I look forward to getting a few more pictures.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Book Club New Book Reveal

  So I stepped out of my box my introvert box, my warm and cozy anti-social box and joined a book club.  So far we have read 2 books for the end of last year and we are currently on our 2nd for this year.  My 1st book of the year with the club ended up in a cancelled meetup because of the weather so we are going to catch up on two books at the Feb meeting.

  This month we are reading The Goldfinch.

The Goldfinch is written by Donna Tartt.  A fiction, a #1 national bestseller, winner of Pulitzer Prize and from what I have been told a book that's been on a few people's must read lists!

  Lucky me, as I hadn't heard of the book before.  That's one perk of this book club.  I'm reading books I would have never selected, generes I have never read from and authors I didn't know.

This book when I picked it up intimidated me.  It's the biggest book I have ever had in my hands.  962 pages!!  I didn't think that I could even read say anything about understand and follow a plot of something so long.

I walked out of the library with the audio version to possibly help me along.  That has over 20 cd's so I have to pick my battles.  Bound and determined to finish this book I have broke it down into sections and hope to be done by the weekend.

So far I like the book and at page 350 I think I can say that with confidence.  I still know what happened in the beginning and look forward to completing this book.

After all my hard work at the completion of this reading I will be posting a review but until then.  

  What's the longest book you ever read?  Was it worth it in the end?  How did you find time to read all of it?