Monday, January 9, 2017

5 benefits to a Snow Day

  With the weather being so crazy this week I feel like my whole month is off.  How can a few days of roads closed down throw off my life? My life isn't really thrown off I just have to adjust things, make minor adjustments and accommodate differently.  There are some benefits to closed roads though during a snowfall.

1.  Saved money.
I can't leave my house because the roads are not clear and the stores are not open anyways.

Well now that you mention it there is always delivery. Pizza and Chinese anyone?

2.  Focused playtime.
This playtime with the kids is different because it's not planned.  Somehow when there's no school kids are bored but, in the summer they run a muck.  So the kids are constantly asking to be played with.

I have colored more, had my makeup applied by the children, done nails and more.  I didn't know bored could last so long.  I know they are enjoying themselves and appreciating it.

3.  Snow pictures.
  Its not that snow is rare in Virginia.  If it was, it isn't any more because while I have lived here it has snowed every year.  Each year it snows more than the previous year.  

The roads are in desperate need of some sand, salt and a plow.  I am a secondary road so the roads will get clean when they get clean unless the sun gets to them first. The problem is they try to thaw during the day then refreeze overnight.

4.  Fitness is flexible.
  While I can take a break from working out due to the lack of ability to get to the gym (if they are even open).  I get to walk the neighborhood for fresh cold air.  I do not run in the winter when it's too cold but, if your trapped in a house for too long a nice brisk stroll is a welcoming activity.   

  This is reason number I don't even know of why I need a Fitbit.  I hadn't been using the map I run app on my walks because I thought they would be short and sweet but usually my phone logs the steps/miles/distance.  As you can see I got credit for yesterday but not for today.  So I can't count on it that's for sure.

5.  I notice more colors.
  There are so many beautiful colors.  The different hues in the sky.  The shine of the ice.  Everything has a different beauty to it in the winter.

This was a stroll I took at sunset.  When I walk I look everywhere. Up, down in front of me and behind me.  You never know what is happening behind you if you don't look.  Of course I have to look down because of all the ice but, still you never know what you'll see.

Did you gain anything from a snowday?  How many days off did you get with the latest storm?  What did you do to pass the time?


  1. Way to look on the bright side!

    1. It's the only way to get through things sometimes!

  2. I live in New England so we get a lot more snow than you but are pretty well equipped to deal with it. I telecommute so I don't get snow days, even when my kids do (which poses a challenge). Our last storm was last days off (we still had hockey games), and now this week it has reached 50 degrees. Weird, but I'll take it. Save $ on heating and plowing!