Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Snow Day 3

  The end is near the call came in that there will be no school for another day but, I know after seeing patches of the road and finally the plows that school will be back in session for 2 days this week.

  Every year the kids get a a nice bit of days off.  Either in January or February sometimes even circling around already planned days off.  I can never keep up with if they are at risk of losing a scheduled day off or not but we still have the rest of Jan and Feb to go before we are home free of snow.

  So to avoid that 5 letter word repeated multiple times and sometimes in surround sound I have to get involved.

  We had facials today.  Mud mask treatment for little people because they have treated their skin so badly since they were born that we need to fix it. Or was that an anti aging mask?

We also got to coloring! The kids worked on some adult coloring books and I started in on my new journaling bible!

Of course with snow just outside there is a call for that too.  Of course the requests die down to go outside after the first day.  The newness has worn off but I think they like to see how the snow is feeling on a daily basis.

The salon could also only fit one person in for nails.  So tomorrow everyone else is getting pedicures.  

One more day.  I know when they are gone I'll miss it but, everyone likes a schedule.  A routine gives you piece of mind and keeps you grounded.  To many days without structure is unnerving.

Well lucky for them I have a few more things planned for them so it will pass the time.  Then they will be back in school and the house will be quiet again.  I wonder if they will miss me!

Wouldn't it be so much easier to leave the ares for snow storms?  If I knew I could have had 3 days off along with the weekend we could have went to alot of places (and aways from the snow) Would you leave if you could or stay and play in the snow?

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