Sunday, September 15, 2019

52 Uncommon Family Adventures and a giveaway

    Where is adventure?

   Once you have kids keeping them happy and entertained is part of life.  At least until they get older and think your not cool anymore or find ways to entertain their selves.

  I can't keep mine entertained everyday.  Some days I run out of time or fall short of what I really wanted to achieve for the day.  52 Uncommon Family Adventures by Randy Southern makes my idea planning so much easier.

   This book has exactly 52 adventures to tackle or complete with your family.  The adventures already planned and that's half the battle.

 In the book each adventure has a key.  You will know the time frame, cost, location and love language associated.  Love language is different for everyone and the sooner you know what works for your family and close friends the easier all adventures will be to pull off.

  The adventures range from easy such as writing and passing out thank you cards to more intricate ones like the adventure called Something Old.  In Something Old the family tries to recreate an old photo to include: hair and clothes style!

  One of the benefits of this book is also the ease of reading it. 

My daughter enjoyed looking up adventures and planning for our future entertainment!

  We have enjoyed hide and seek so far

as well as pillow fighting!

Each planned adventure includes instructions on how to get ready, the directions specific to that adventure, a time to engage more with specific question and answers providing more thought into the adventure, a devotions section pertaining to a bible story and relatable adventure and lastly language of the day aiming specifically for someone who could appreciate the end result of the adventure more.

Now that you know the ins and outs of this book enter the giveaway here!  Of course your super excited about getting busy with your family right away so pick up your copy here!

I am grateful and thankful to have been given this book for review purposes.  Its a great addition to my home library and its a book we will be able to pick up years from now and continue to appreciate it.  All opinions and comments are based solely on my own experiences.