Monday, February 29, 2016

Random Reviews

  I have decided to share with you some of the products I have received as a product reviewer in the past.  I will add my disclaimer now so there is not any confusion.  All the products I received as a review product were either free or discounted for my honest review and all opinions stated are my own.

  Two of my very used and loved products are kitchen products that are used on a daily basis.  A family has to eat so this is a great area I can heavily use a product and get its full potential out of.

  My first product is a salt and pepper grinder and shaker.

  This shaker is easy to use and wash in between refills.  One side holds your coarse sea salt and the other end holds your peppercorn.  Each side has its own independent grinder for grinding that particular substance.  Each has its own cover as well for storage.  It is made of clear plastic and stainless steel.

Another great kitchen I recently acquired was an oil no drip glass dispenser.

The glass oil dispenser holds you oil and measures a maximum of 1 tablespoon in the top measuring compartment.  You simply squeeze the sides in the designated spot for the oil to be pulled from the straw to appropriately measure it.  When your have gotten your desire amount you simple Pour out through the spot that specific premeasured amount.  The bottle is mad of glass with rubber parts.  The whole bottle is easy to disassemble for washing.

There you have it two great kitchen devices for my kitchen.  Two handy tools I use on a regular basis for a variety of meals throughout the day.  I will be sharing future posts with you showcasing my review products.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Triple 9 (movie reveiw)

   I started my weekend with a movie.  Waiting to see a movie on the weekend allowed me to sift through my new and old options.  Although there are some old movies still playing that I wanted to see I choose a new movie.

  This week I decided on Triple 9.  This movie runs for 1 hour and 55 minutes.  It is rated R and is categorized as a crime/drama film.  Staring Anthony Mackie, Woody Harrelson, Casey Affleck and until I looked the movie up I wasnt aware of it but Kate Winslet as well.

  This movie is not your typical good cop bad cop movie.  It starts out with guns blazing as individuals rob a bank whereas on their getaway the red dye fills their car and they have to make a quick decision to remedy the situation.   After the first robbery we are introduced to the team of robberies! 2 brothers (isn't there always a set of siblings in a robbery) a ringleader and 2 corrupt cops.

  One bad cop is no happy when he is present with a good cop as partner but he eventually embraces the relationship.  The cops are plain clothes cops (don't let the pinstripes fool you) working closely with the community to include the gang division.  The new good guy doesn't know the rules of the streets so he bumps heads.

  This movie was very intense.  You are able to play out some scenes before it happens but there is still plenty of action that you don't see coming.  Another big job needs to be done as the bad guys are dealing with badder guys.  Noone is happy but those bad guys sure are smart and creative when it comes to figuring out how to get the job done.

  This movie had cops and gangs so expect guns, drugs, strippers and language. If you need to go to the bathroom go in the middle just don't wait till the end because you will miss some good spots.  Your movie mate telling you about it will never quite capture that moment.

  I liked this movie.  Will I see it again, probably not but doesn't mean I didn't like it because I did!  This movie had so much action, and plots it was nice to see what the guys were going to do next.  The boss lady was great.  I hated her so much but was amazed at how calm and cool someone could be.  I saw check it out, sit back and enjoy yourself!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Letter D for the kids

  So as we continue down the road of learning letter D today was a very hands on crafty day! Crafty days are just as much a learning experience as paper days, book days or test days!

  Kids learn valuable skills from formulating a plan.  Stirring imagination and presents endless possibilities.  Learning to cut with scissors, using glue to include squeezing it and controlling the tube and even assembling pieces.

  Little fingers painted, dabbed and squeezed.

Coming up with the end results of dinosaurs and donuts.

 Lol, sounds like the makings of a book.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Alphabet fun

  I have two children at home!  Homeschool is completely different experience with two kids.  One child wants to learn, the other wants to play.  One wants to do what the other is doing or one is too loud for the other one.  It takes extra effort and creativity on my part to help them each grow in areas they want and need to grow in.

  We focus on letters individually as well as the whole overall alphabet.  Kids need to understand the difference between letters and numbers as well as which letter is what.  They need to understand letters make words words make sentences.

  Today we focused on the overall alphabet and number recognition.  We made alphabet soup.

Your soup ingredient are beans (I used 3 bags of different kinds) letters and a spoon. 

  A good soup takes lots of stirring and sometimes you got to get in there and mix with your hands

  After we have thoroughly combine the ingredients we match the letters to a puzzle my other student (child) has made.  I was going to make  just a sheet of paper with letters written on it but this worked great. (Shame we were missing one piece, grr)

His completed work!  It did take time to register what letter went where but sometimes he got it right away.  I think this is a great game he will get speedier at.   He was so happy when he got it right

It worked today and may not work tomorrow.  We can only try and see how it goes.  Worse case is I just have to change it up.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekly Menu (week 4)

  I'm trying to squeak by one more week without going to the grocery store.  I still have some meat left and of course a pantry of supplies on hand.  So before I replenish I need to get rid of the old to bring in the new.

  This week meals include: shrimp, pork, there's always chicken and sausage.  Of course there is a meatless item because it doesn't hurt!

Chicken in the crockpot:



Pork in crockpot:

Meatless pasta:

Deadpool (movie review)

  I went to see Deadpool the beginning of last week so that got my movie in for the week.  I'm already trying to figure out this week but have figured out what's going on March 4th!

  So back to Deadpool.  Definitely rated R! I wouldn't take my children and have heard caution issued on television reviews but saw several kids at the showing when I was there.  To each his own.  The movie runs for 1 hour and 48 minutes and stars Ryan Reynolds, T.J.Miller, Morena Baccarin to list a few.

  You will not see any familiar X-men characters although Wolverine is referred to a couple times.  Two X-men residents make a couple appearances and you do catch a glimpse of the house but the story ends there.

  You got to love movies that go backwards at the beginning to appreciate the whole story.   I'm sure several of us didn't know the story of how Deadpool came to be so in this case it needed to be this way!  

  The movie starts off with action right away.  Deadpool wants not just revenge but a secret remedy to cure him.  He is in the search to find the man who disfigured him. (avocado who had sex with another avocado)

  Before Deadpool there was Wade Wilson just a regular man who finds love and is trying to live the American dream and live happily ever after.  He gets diagnosed with a life threatening disease but then when offered a new opportunity to defy the odds he takes it.

  The movie is packed with action, love, violence and more action.  I surprisingly liked this movie.  I didn't select this movie to go see but tagged along to go see it anyways.  It had a lot of crude jokes, gestures or innuendos but some of it was just funny.  Some of it may have been excessive but based on what you learn about the character it almost seemed appropriate.

  Final decision about this movie I could even sit through it again when it's released from the theaters.  Not a bad movie it had a lot going on to keep you interested.  You didn't know what to expect so it was nice to see the next scene.  You need to watch the movie to see what happened to him and how he got to be who he was.  If there was a second movie I would go to see it as I think he would have a bigger entourage and it would be even more entertaining to watch a team fighting crime.

 Happy movie viewing everyone!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

How to be Single (movie review)

  When I saw the posters up of this movie I wanted to go.  I enjoy Rebel Wilson and couldn't wait to see it.  Little did I know I would actually be accompanied by my husband to this chick flick.

  How to be Single runs for 1 hour and 50 minutes with an R rating.  A show stopping cast to include Rebel Wilson, Dakota Johnson, Leslie Mann and Alison Brie.  All four women make their own statement in the movie.

  This movie follows all the women on different paths of their declared independence, desperately seeking, career woman and happily single.  Some moments are funny than others.  Good times just hanging with your girlfriend.  Discovering a new place with a new found friend.

  This movie allows us to be envious of the single ladies doing there thing as well as appreciate our married days.  Not all days are good.  Noone likes to be dumped, or go through a variety of men to find the right one or not find one at all.  However this movie brings light to make the most of what you have.  Take full advantage of the present time; no matter what part of life your in.

  Some points in the movie seemed pointless and could have been left out but I did appreciate the follow through from aspirations to the overall idea that it is ok to be single.  No pressure, no stress.  Living single, being single has its benefits just like anything else.

  I enjoyed this movie and might even view it again when it's made available on dvd.  This movie does follow through with laughs as promised and it definitely made a nice chick flick for the Valentine's Day weekend.

Weekly menu (week 3 Feb)

  So even though I am posting this late.  I wanted to update you on our menu for the week and share the recipes!  We missed a couple meals last week for various reasons so those get carried over to give me peace of mind.






And After Many Days (Book Review)

  "It was the year of the poor.  Of rumors, radio announcements, student riots and sudden disappearances."  This pretty much somes up the book And After Many Days by jowhor-ile in one sentence.  The story of a family living life in 1995 in Africa.

  Having water, gas, electric and land controlled by a higher power.  The higher power being the government.  Not just taxing it but shutting it off and or taking it away at will.  A lifestyle most of us are not accustomed to having.

  This story leads us down the road of a sister worried about her brother whom never returned.  A brother who misses his brothers stories.  A father and mother who still need to work, fight a cause they know is wrong and raise a family.  All while soldiers invade their town, their son is missing and a threat of a pipeline invades the surrounding farmland.

  Follow Bibi! Meet Application Master. Who was Barisua and what really happened with her and Ajie?  This story holds a lot of detail in all the characters.  I always like to look in on the lives of others but sometimes you don't want to see the truth.

"So this is what it means to touch another human being."

  I received this book from blogging for books for review.

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Boy (movie review)

  Although I finally made it to see this movie and it wasn't opening night or within the first week is neither her nor there.  I made it and that's all that matters.

  I found out when I went this time based on luck I guess but I can go for $4 per person on Sat or Sun before 4! That's a whole buck cheaper than I was aware of.  Can you see how excited I am with this news?!

  The boy rated PG-13 runs for 1 hour 38 minutes.  The actors and actresses although I am not familiar with did a great job of combining forces to scare me.  The characters were a combination of good guys  and gals as well as bad guys.  Bonus as the movie takes place across the pond there is of course a nice looking actor with an accent to keep you entertained ladies.

  The boy is about a nanny from the U.S. working abroad for a family.  The money she makes in one week is amazing, she only has to follow a small list of duties and just take care of a doll.  How hard is that?

  A little boy has passed but the family is grieving and need help to raise a doll that they have declared a substitute for their lovely Brahms.  Brahms meant the world to them and still does in this form.  They needed some help and employed a nanny.  She was young, fit and up for some time away from Montana so why not.

  The things that she has to do are not asking to much.  Take care of him as if he was your own.  But just because noone is looking doesn't mean you shouldn't do your job.  The boy has chosen her and he likes her.  Just follow the list and everything will be ok.

  This was a good movie and now that I have seen it I can watch it again when it does come out.  It has the loud music, your heart does jump out but you can simply put it back in. I refuse to spoil this movie but will say it's an original thriller and you can't imagine the conclusion.  Must see....... just in case another one comes out.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Weekly Menu (week 2 Feb)

  The second week of February is here! Winter has been pretty mellow this year I hope to keep it that way.  I don't mind the occasional snow fall but in order for that to occur it has to be cold. I hate the cold.  So until it heats up I will just keep it hot in the kitchen.

  This week's menu:

Pasta: Fettuccine with spinach

Meatless: Mexican Dish

Crockpot: Chicken

Soup:  Potato

Vegetarian: Fajitas

Happy eating everyone!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A day at the Park

  Last year I visited a park where I saw a challenge to visit 5 parks to receive a annual pass to visit all the state parks.  I had so much fun at one park I wanted in on this challenge.  At my first park we went initially for fishing but then found our self exploring the park. I had no idea that one place could hold so many possibilities and beauty.  That day after our fishing, we took a hike on a trail and ventured down by the water and was met with more beauty.  This all started me wanting more.

  After the first 5 state park visits I did submit for my pass.  I received it shortly thereafter and a parking pass as well. That was all I needed to encourage me to see more.  After that I visited a couple parks here and there and just recently visited a few more this past weekend.  In case you thought state parks were boring, or there was nothing to see behold the beauty of nature!

    Parks have a variety to offer you no matter the season.  Snow sometimes adds a compliment to an already beautiful scene.  Catch a sunrise or sunset.  Most parks are open dawn till dusk.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Dinner Menu (week Jan 31st)

  I am a day short this week as I was out of town!  However don't let that effect the rest of the week.  There's always time to eat!  It's 5 o'clock somewhere.

  As always what makes a good menu week is food on hand, or food specifically bought for menu items.  Variety in your meals and quickly cooked meals.  All these components play a big role in a happy sane dinner.  I think what also helps my sanity is planning what I'm going to eat!

Monday:  out of town

Tuesday:  Taco Salad

Wednesday: Pasta

Thursday: Crockpot

Friday: Pizza


  Looks like lots of cheese this week. We shall all have our calcium for the week and hopefully that's all!  Happy eating everyone!