Sunday, October 20, 2019

I am Brave ( book review and giveaway)

  I appreciate a good, motivating book for myself.  One I can look at for inspiration, answers and even jot notes in.  A book I can come back to and see how I have grown as a person and grown in my faith.  I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to provide my daughter with an age appropriate book offering her the same opportunity.

  I am Brave by Thomas Nelson is a book geared to 8-12 year old girls.  Its a great book that helps girls growing in their faith and following God.  This book encourages the reader with various prompts to include questions and quizzes.  A little food for thought in determining a better situation, another perspective or an end result of FUN.

  There is a Brave Girl series which I was only aware of after this book but, all the girls are introduced in this book and a picture of them on each page.  After reading about all of them you feel a little more connected and familiar with the characters as they grace the pages throughout the book.

  My daughter found this book to be a great addition to her book collection.  She is able to read and follow the directions.  She is leaving her mark on the pages as she answers them according to her at the present time.  It will be fun to look back on when shes older.

 The pages also contain verses and prayers and she is able to reflect on this during her day.  This book provides her with a window of positive reinforcement!

  This book is available for purchase on Amazon here.  Perfect for a holiday gift, birthday or just because!

 Of course purchasing the book is a given after you have tried your luck with the giveaway here!  If you win just think of it as 2 for the price of 1!

  I was provided this book complimentary for review purposes but all opinions and comments are my own.