Thursday, September 28, 2017

School with Letter C

Each day or most days I try to get my son outside.  Not just to play but to explore and observe.  We look at what's around us as well as hunt for letters.  We go out looking for the letter of the week but, he also points out other letters and that's OK to.  That's part of reading.  Letter identification on everything we see and repetition brings the process full circle.  It may take to the next day or week when he catches on to a particular case lowercase letter.

We made no bake cookies because baking starts with b and we were all about the c.

No bake cookies take a little time to turn solid but if you watch them waiting goes quicker.

The sand on a walk is the perfect place to practice letter writing!

Each week I pick up a couple books with the letter as a word in the title. He has to identify the word.

C is for cutting.  He likes activities that let him use his scissors!  He is left-handed and I have to let him do his thing.


His cutting strips helped make c for popcorn.  Does that count?  We also used shaving cream and made cotton candy!  What a sweet week! 

We were greeted one morning by a Cicada! Perfect timing big fella! 

A peek at the desk for one day of the week.  I think he really enjoys seeing the new books and identifying the objects on it.

We finished our week with Chick Fil A. Chicken for the win!  This is one of the few places my little people eat all of their meals.

Thanks for following our journey.  Learning the letter c was a good week!  Did you see any new ideas to share with your little ones?  

August Ipsy Bag Review

My August Ipsy beauty bag was all about the wild and free.  Again each bag comes with 5 items based on your beauty profile and reviews from previous bags.  The monthly subscription is $10 and includes shipping.  Each month the products received can range from skin, health, or nail care as well as makeup.

Shimmer Bronzer in Flush by Hikari

I have not used this product yet but am excited to play around.  It can be used from highlighting to contour.  One color or a combination of all.  It can even be used as an eyeshadow.

Excessive Lash mascara by Make Up For Ever
This mascara comes in black.  I also have not opened this product yet but, I read that it has both hard and soft bristles which allows for a batter application.

Liquid Waterproof Liner in Coal by Seraphine Botanicals
I like liquid eyeliner and am still practicing those fancy lines!  Liquid liner always seems brighter to me.  Waterproof is always a win for me as well.

Romantic Rose Blending Brush by Glamour Dolls
This brush will go perfectly with my 1st product the bronzer.  Small tip for better around the eye coverage.  I like the rose gold color and it's got a nice comfortable grip.

Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay by First Aid Beauty
This cleanser works nicely.  My face felt cleaner after I used it. Not dried out was a plus.  It is red in color.  The cleanser has a gel look but a smooth texture not sticky.  It does have a chemical smell but, it didn't bother my face.  

That's a look at my August Ipsy bag.  Now to get reviewing my September bag!  When you review you receive points toward future purchases and the reviews also play a part in consideration of your next bag.

Feel free to use my link to start your own Ipsy subscription.

Do you know how many monthly subscriptions are out there? What's your favorite? Whether it's makeup or other I would like to know.  

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wordless Wednesday (Mushrooms)

   I get outside all the time.  I try to walk, hike, jog or cycle on a daily basis.  I may walk on the sidewalks or trails but, I'm always watching everything.  I enjoy nature and I love to spot mushrooms.  I don't go out to look for mushrooms but  so excited when I see them.

  I don't know one type of mushroom from another.  I guess I could try to look them up in a book but it doesn't really matter to me. I like to just find them and snap a picture. So today I'm sharing my view of mushrooms!

Some look like flowers with rough edges.

Some look like a round ball.

I don't know who came along and took a bite of this one.

I only saw one area with these. These were huge too.  They were the size of dessert plates.

This one looked like chocolate and peanutbutter.

Red ones were few and far between.

Mushrooms taking up a home whereever they felt.

Clusters of mushrooms.

These make me smile because they have the perfect little tip on top.

Yellow ones too!

I love mushrooms!  Do you go on hikes or walks around the neighborhood? 
What's one thing you look forward to seeing when you go on a walk? What makes you enjoy being outside?

Monday, September 25, 2017

It's OK (by me)

  I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities I missed but didn't lose sleep over.

  It's OK that sometimes I accept that the weekend went by too fast then two days into the new week I want to fast forward back to it.

  It's ok that Starbucks has another new drink called Maple Pecan.  I haven't tried it but, whether I do or don't I'm still good with pumpkin.

  It's OK fall is here. We need a buffer between extreme heat and extreme cold.  I do like the warmer clothes and love to see the new leave colors.

  It's OK that Cadillac unveiled a hands free car because once my teen starts driving I will be hands free too and it didn't cost me even half as much.

It's OK that I woke up on a Saturday for a (new to me) 8 am class at my gym pool! Partly because I like the teacher and the other half because I thought someone I knew would be there. She wasn't but I still liked it. So it's OK to workout alone! The moral of this is try it you might like it!

  It's OK that the lawn was mowed and the grass clippings went all over my truck.  It will rain soon and wash it all away.  My son insists on spending money to take it to a car wash because it's filthy!

  It's OK to try new food you may like it.  I always get chicken and rice at the Chinese restaurant.  Maybe shrimp fried rice but usually a chicken rice combo.  I tried shrimp pancit and really liked it!

  Now it's your turn.  Tell me what your OK with?  Are you OK with the weather and temperature?

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's OK (by me)

  I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities I missed but didn't lose sleep over.

You can find her current post here.

It's OK that I took my son out to play in the puddles last week.  What are rainboots for!

It's also OK that HE has long hair.  He has mentioned now a couple times that he is ready for a haircut so it may be gone soon.  I just wish people would see his monster truck or dinosaur shirt and realize he's a boy.

It's OK that I can't get the buy one take one home deal at Olive Garden still haunts me from weeks ago.

For a little as $12.99 you can buy one take one.  I have never tried that option before but, I will the next time I go!  I choose the Fettuccine Alfredo to eat there and for my to go was the five cheese ziti! It comes to your table at the end of your meal frozen! That ziti was amazing. With some self control I spaced it between two days.  I have however done a lot of math. 12.99 for 2 meals split into 4 days equals $3.25 a day for 4 days!!! That's the cheapest fast food meal EVER!!

It's OK that I'm excited for a new Andi Mack because my daughter likes that show and is counting down.

Photo credit Wikipedia 

It's OK that I just wish it was the weekend even though I don't have any plans nor will I probably sleep in.

What are you OK with this week? Feel free to let me know any meal deals I can stretch! What fall show are you waiting for?

Monday, September 18, 2017

School with Letter B

  Another successful week completed. Another letter set to memory with learning and fun along the way.  Repetition is key and incorporating it in a variety of ways solidifies the word.  After this week he not only points out the letters he sees he will tell me the b words he learned. This is a ball and it starts with a letter b.

  B kept us busy everyday from bike rides to baseball!  We were not in a shortage of ideas to go outside.

  We did 2 miles on the bike this day.  It was not easy and he wanted to turn back which essentially at that point still would have been 2 miles.  Baseball is a work in progress.  He is a lefty so we got the bat accurate but my throw is not always precise.  He does pretty good though and we need to work desperately on throws and catches.

  He had structured computer time for the alphabet song (somehow he skip's letter j everytime), some letter games and to aid in phonics.

  We pulled out beans and did several different things with them.  He needed to find the letters A-Z in the alphabet soup.  Using a pair of tongs he pulled them out and placed them appropriately.

I am not quite concerned with him pulling them out in order or knowing them.  He doesn't know all of them but this is a good way of getting familiar with them. 

We used the same sheet to match bottle tops with the letter.

He can match the letters together.

Here I called out the object on the sheet and he spelled out the words by finding what letter the object was. Such as r was for ring.

We read some great books just like last week.  One book for although it centered around the winter season we used it to our current advantage!

Boot Weather was about a little girl who out her winter boots on and did more then what the naked eye could see. She was climbing mountains and going through tunnels with her boots and yet still close to home.

He put his boots on and checked out the depth of puddles!

Of course writing is a daily thing.  To make it not seem like work we change up from paper, to the chalkboard or whiteboard.  He writes but his favorite thing is to erase.

 A little indoor fun included bowling and block building.  This intentional play is another thing he likes to do.   Normally he may play with his sisters but, I know he really enjoys when I sit down and directly play with him.

  My craft for the week was trying my hand at making a bean bag.  Now I'm not a professional so and because I couldn't find a needle and thread and I'm not a professional I used stitch witch.

Surprisingly it held up at least that day so I'm happy with that.  I made two and they were played with for a good couple hours.

I had to fit a little food art in the week somewhere.  So my food fun was with lunch.  One day his sandwich became the letter B!

Cheers, to another good week and bring on a new week of adventure, fun and learning!