Friday, July 31, 2015

Contest Time

   Great news comes to those who wait!  Just in time during my 30 day healthy challenge!  I am giving away the yoga bag that I reviewed a couple weeks ago.  I am sure someone out there has a yoga mat and are just looking for a bag to contain it in.

What you see is what you get.  It is a blue bag with a full length zipper, handles on each side and 28 inches in length.  This allows plenty of room for a mat and a few more pertinent pieces of equipment for class or a spare set of clothes and sneakers.

To try your luck for this bag.  Leave a comment on this post or the facebook post.  2 points credited for each new person you send to my facebook page.  For new likes have the person you invited refer to your name in their comments section.  3 points for sharing my page as well.  Good luck.

This contest is open to all US residents only for now.  I was provided this product at a discount for my honest review.  This contest will end on August 9, 2015 at 6pm ET.  Winner will be contacted at that time.

Day 19

  What could it be?  It's 10 days left till this challenge is over! Yeah, for that.  Not because I want to go out and gorge on junk but everyday seems like I'm studying for a test.  So much focus on what I'm eating for all my meals.  The exercise I can do without thinking twice about.  However healthy meals require more effort on my part plus avoiding or ignoring not so healthy meals also requires more concentration on my part.

Today was a light day for me.  I must point out even when it looks like I'm not eating a lot. I promise I am truly not starving to death.  We have grown accustomed to eating more than we need anyways.  Some days I am hungrier than other days. Some days the urge to snack is huge other days particularly the ones I skip a meal on do not honestly phase me especially like I said if I go to sleep.

  I may be smaller than others but you know how we view ourself is all we really see so what you see in me is not what I see.  However I am really loving my legs and stare at them often.  Haha when I put my hair in a ponytail I also admire my arms.  My gut on the other hand is still a work in progress.  I have read that sometimes that skin may not go back to pre-baby.  I will work on it and just hope for the best.

Breakfast: muffin, yogurt, peach
Lunch: Caesar salad with chicken
Dinner: garden salad with hard boiled egg

Snack: cottage cheese with pineapple
75 oz water
Today's workout was weights and a focus on the abs.  I need to pay more attention to that area instead of ignore it.

Only recipe credit I have for you is the dressing for the Ceasar salad.  The dressing on the other was a very basic vinegarette with olive oil, vinegar and some water.

Recipe credit: healthier-caesar-salad

Review of our staycation bowling experience

  So while we were in one city I wanted to make the most of it.  The city of Hampton has a lot to do and everything doesnt have to cost a lot of money.  Take advantage of summer discounts and combine them with other free activities to get the most out of your day.  Taking a little time to research and plan helps reduce unnecessary driving thus saving gas and precious time.

  We have participated in the kids free bowling a few years ago and I am glad that it is still around.  It provides a nice opportunity for kids to learn and have fun at something else.  Something a majority of children have never tried before.  Summer is not just about the pool and beach, bike riding or playing more video games.  Get out and try something new.  At the rate of a few dollars for a shoe rental it provides with you with a nice new experience.

  There are only two locations in my local area this year.  I choose Spare times and was not disappointed.  The staff were very nice, they raised the bumpers, located two small bowling balls for us and even input the players names!  During mid afternoon there were plenty of lanes open so we were not sharing a common area.  It was just my children and I left alone to play in our own world.

  I was fortunate to only need to purchase one pair of shoes for one child so that was $3.  I personally would love to buy her a pair and it would make a great investment if you were going to go everyday all summer but we will not be and her feet will grow again before she will have the chance to wear them next year.  I stood the sidelines and assisted and directed when needed but for the most part the 2 and 4 year old bowled by themselves.

  We spent maybe about an hour there at the most.  Distractions come up, potty break intermissions, a roll away ball at one point but I don't remember any tears this time around.  They both played pretty well on each of their games and played well together.  Team mom earned some points this day!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

All day Daycations $5! 8 hours of entertainment

  I have decided to breakdown my day trips but will also feature all of them as we completed them in one day.  I will let you know what we did so that you can maybe tweak it to your area and also explore.  Gas is a given on our trips but meals are optional.  Toward the end I started just packing a lunch which makes life easier and saves money.

  We always get up early to get meals, and grooming out the way.  I had planned what city we were going to and the activities within that area.  Monday we were going to Hampton, VA and starting out with a movie.  The Lego Movie was playing in a summer movie series for one dollar at a local theater.  This day we actually ate out for lunch but by all means pack a lunch up to this point we would have only spent 2 dollars but obviously with fast food spent more than that.

  After lunch I took them down the street to the local bowling alley to take advantage of kids bowl for free.  Free means two free games but shoes are extra. $3 for a pair of shoes as the other childs' feet were too small for their smallest size.  Bumpers up or down, ball slide for younger children it's all up to you.  There is an age cut off but it does go up to teens but, it does vary so check with your bowling alley.

  Now you could go home after a movie, lunch, and bowling by now it has been at least 5 hours give or take however we kept going.  We headed to Fort Monroe to hang out on the beach.  This beach is a great hidden gem.  The few times I have been here it has never been crowded.  There were two lifeguards on duty at the two water spots.  The kids played in the water and on the sand and enjoyed themselves.  We left there around 5 or 6 and it was declared a successfully good day.  Yeah one point mom.

Total cost of trip $5 (excluding lunch).
Hampton, VA

Day 18 of 30

  Do you know what is greatly appreciated?  I never knew it before. Never thought this is great!!! Wrinkles! I am not was not a very large person but I like a lot of women had some baby weight lingering around.  I can honestly say after my 3rd child I was less physical then with baby number 4 it was random.
  I apparently do better if I'm active.   So anyways my clothes were fitting a little tighter and tighter. I was slowly losing clothes.  Not just pants but shorts too.  It starts with no being able to button them to not being able to squeeze them over my thighs.  I was down to one pair of shorts because I could still button them after I fought to pull them up.  I have worn shorts all week.  I still have a muffin top but, I am able to pull up the shorts better and button all of them so far this week.  The pair I had on today had wrinkles.  Not wrinkles like I needed to iron them but wrinkles as in room in my shorts.  As in I was not a sausage squeezed into my shorts with little room to even slide a finger in between thigh and material.  There was obvious, noticeable roominess. I wasn't even pulling down the crotch every 5 minutes because they stayed!  I know I am not the only one to suffer these issues but I am just sharing with you my victory.

  I still have a little less than 2 weeks left.  I can not believe how a small tweak in my diet can actually make a difference.  I have increased my workouts to though.  I used to workout about 3 or 4 days.  I'm now at 6 days and it's a focused hard workout.  So my motivation ad attention to that area is probably helping too.

  I didn't concoct a number I wanted to reach as most want to.  Why bother because then you get focused on that and the obsession becomes disappointment when you don't make the number.  I am however happy and thrilled that #1 I don't need to go buy bigger clothes and #2 I can see the difference in how my clothes fit.

  I would have never thought I could actually complete this challenge. 30 days is a long time to skip desserts and eat a healthier cleaner diet.  I did eat fruits and vegetables but not to this extent.  I am sure my diet consisted of more not so healthy items than healthy items.  I do feel confident that I can maintain this healthier way of life.

  I would love to help, encourage or motivate anyone that is considering this challenge.  I am not a professional but I am a normal plain mom that has seen light at the end of the tunnel.  I can hold the flashlight as you travel down it.  I am working on making some quick fitness videos,  can post random training for you to do on a daily basis and you can easily Google healthy meal ideas or skim through my various dishes.  After this challenge ends I will still continue to post recipes both the good and the bad but maybe more of the good now.

Good luck in your future in wherever it takes you.  Of course please stick around and see how I finish this challenge and then maybe I will start another and you can join in.

Breakfast: peach, muffin
Lunch: spinach with chick peas and black beans and carrots.
Dinner: leftover salmon. ( always leftovers here- still potato salad - I'll eat tomorrow.
I have been out everyday this week is reason I miss meals or eat bad. But leftovers or eggs like last night help.
water 75 oz
workout: walked about 3 miles in trails. (Outside cardio all week so far)

Day field trips

  I don't know about you but I have been out and about most of the summer and we still have another month left.  The best trips are those spent as a family laughing, exploring and having fun.  We have stayed close to home this year which makes it more affordable but there's always that pesky gas to get you anywhere.  So with an exception of that I have utilized cheaper options for entertainment.

This week we are taking advantage of the summer movie series.  Certain theaters are offering movie showings for either $1 or free for older movies.  Monday we went to see The Lego Movie at Cinema Cafe in Hampton, VA !  I love Cinema Cafe it is where movie meets full menu.  A great sit dinner and a movie option all rolled into one.  The chairs are set up stadium style and a long table in front of each row of seats.  Menus are available to choose anything from the ever so popular popcorn to pizza, ice cream, burgers and even beer.  Simply press your red light doorbell button and your server appears to assist with all meal and beverage consumption right at your fingertips!  They also offer daily specials. We scored a $2.00 bucket of popcorn on Monday!

These movies play for a specific time during the summer at these prices but Cinema Cafe offers great movie prices for their weekly showings as well discounted matinees offered.  This establishment has a nice game room offering a variety of arcade games, skeeball and bowling.  Birthday parties would be a blast here!  Everything is at your fingertips for entertainment.

I forgot to add to enjoy more perks sign up for their text club.  You will receive coupons and upcoming movies! Perfect planned dates as this gives you all the Cinema Cafe movies and showtime as well.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 17

  Today is a new day as it is everyday you wake up.  I will never make the same mistake twice but may just make a different or new one.  I always try to make the right choices it just doesn't always end up that way.  I tried to make better choices today.  I spent another day away from home with my kids but I took actually time to make a lunch for myself and ate when we got home instead of on the road (or skipping altogether)  Skipping is easy for me especially if I'm going home to go to bed anyways.    We had a active afternoon and I had a lot of protein for lunch so I chalk today as a good day.

Breakfast: blueberry muffins (lots of healthy in them but did have wheat and white flour) and fruit and a fruit smoothie

lunch: salad with spinach, beans and tunafish

Dinner: scrambled egg with spinach and tuna, cottage cheese with pineapple, muffin
water 75 oz
workout 5 miles at the beach riding the 4 wheel bike on the boardwalk, stairs at Mt Trashmore,
cheat meal cheesecake (1/2 price today)

Keylime cheesecake!  No need to go into details other than it was delicious.

I need to share with you some of my workout for the day!
I rode this bike for a little over 5 miles.  I made it to one end of the boardwalk and set out to reach the other end and I did it.  It was a overwhelming amount of work.  More than I even imagined when I had planned to do it.  However I am glad I did and my kids thought it was pretty neat even when I was going extremely slow.  Sometimes it's all about making memories

  My kids and I spent so much time outside today and when we drove by these stairs my daughter told me she wanted to run them. Well, thank you little lady game on.  She is 4 and her energy is so amazing sometimes.  I look forward to see what she becomes when she gets older.  Will she be a future athlete?  She loves to run with me and stays with me on hikes a majority of the time.  She motivates me during exercises at home like I motivate her when I see her struggle.

Recipe credits:


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Days 15 and 16

  These are the last two days and then I am caught up.  My weekend was not as active as I had hoped but you win some you lose some.  I need to focus on still eating the right way, making healthy choices and staying focused.  I have made it 2 weeks.  This is the second time I have tried this challenge.  The first time I gave up after the 3rd day or so.  I was not focused, didn't want to change as bad and wasn't willing to give up my bad habits, and embarrassed with my posting my poor meal choices.  I didn't need to include this on my blog.  I am in a closed group that I post my daily meals and workouts but I thought since I was more determined I want to share with as many people as I could.

So this is my transparency.  I am not giving up.  I am on this train and it's still moving.  I like the new me and I want to see what else can happen in the next couple weeks.  My transparency just shows you I am normal.  I will make bad choices. I will skip meals, eat some not so healthy choices and over do bad meal choices but I will show you it does happen but we can keep going and make it still work for ourself.

Day 15
Breakfast:yogurt with bananas and peaches
Lunch: taco salad (and yep ate that bowl)
Dinner: hamburger no bun and mac & cheese
water 75 oz
workout weights

Day 16
breakfast: nothing
lunch: banana
dinner: pasta
water 75 oz
workout 5 mile walk

Working out is not my problem.  Making healthy daily eating is where I lack.  I will keep trying. I am focused!

Day 13, 14

Day 13

  It is getting harder and easier but I can see physical changes.  You can't get discouraged when you can see the improvements.  If nothing else this is the biggest motivating factor there is.  A big hurdle for me is not just the eating at home and making healthy meals or skipping junk food it's the choosing the easy road.  Making an excuse to eat something I don't need to, eating something because it's there.  When take out is brought home its hard to deny, when we usually eat somewhere on a specific day it's hard.  When I am spending the day with my kids out and about (I may pack them a lunch but get real skimpy on my own meal.  It's not hard to fix all these areas but it's just easier said then done.

Breakfast: peach oatmeal smoothie
lunch: leftovers hotdog, potato salad, squash
Snack: pineapple
Dinner: 1/2 chicken parmesan sub, cheesefries and a hmmm chocolate covered cannoli!!!! Now if I eat half today and half tomorrow how does that equate to cheat meal? I haven't eaten all of it yet.......
75 oz water
workout weights

Day 14
Breakfast : scrambled eggs with garlic,chicken and spinach. A bowl of fruit
Lunch: nothing
Dinner: taco and rice sweet tea
75 oz water
workout: rest day

  Meals have been skipped and not so good meal choices have been made.  For the last couple days and a couple more for the next couple days will be not so good choices.  I know this because #1 I'm catching up with posting my days. (I'm actually on day 16 even though I'm writing 13 and 14 plus I will be indulging in 1/2 price cheesecake.)

  My workouts are stable if not over what I normally do but that alone I am witness to as helping the whole overall process.  I confidently say I will not make a poor meal choice because I missed a meal.  I miss a meal and keep it moving.  I will not over eat or grab the wrong thing but not eating is not good either.  You need to eat and I know this!!  I have done good and I have just hit a couple hiccups. Game on as I finish this 30 days hard and strong!

Keep watching and follow this ride!!! I'm real and living this out and proving it can be done! Thank you for your support and encouragement.

** UPDATE*** I actually never got to eat the whole cannoli as my husband ate the other half.  That took care of that!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 12

  Another productive day.  A good workout, water consumption and meals!  Oddly it seems to be getting easier.  Last week I had that take out salad. I needed/wanted takeout.  Lucky for me I wanted a taco salad otherwise it could have been worse.  Don't get me wrong I never crave a salad doesn't matter if it's taco or not. So it must have been two world colliding. Take out versus healthy; to come up with a take out taco salad.

  The weekend is approaching and that's where I am more active so we shall see what we get into over the next couple of days.  No plans are set just one day at a time.

  Now onto the meals.  Breakfast was scrambled eggs with spinach and garlic and onion powder and pineapples.  One time I sprinkled those two powders on my eggs and I have never gone back.  My mom puts dill on hers but I don't get the flavor kick with that like I do with mine.
  Lunch was just leftover spaghetti and some squash.  The noodles are now officially gone but I still have the sauce to use up.  Some more zucchini boats may be in the future.  Or I could dump it in a pot with some more tomatoes, add some beans, spices and call it chili!

  Dinner was potato salad (I made mayo last night) a hotdog and corn on the cob.  In my potato salad was the mayo made, a couple hardboiled eggs chopped up and blended in there along with some cut up pickles and paprika.

  Lol, as I am writing this I am waiting on cookies to get out the over.   A healthy recipe I got from pinterest.  It has banana and chocolate chis in it.  No sugar, eggs or dairy.  I hope they are good.

  My water was 75 oz today and my workout was 33 minutes on the elliptical and weights.

Cookies were a success here is the recipe: banana-chocolate-chip-cookies

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Day 11 of 30

  Ooh I am so close to the halfway mark I am just excited for that!  Nothing to momentarily will happen but I will have made it and have a couple weeks to go!  Today I will say was a good day too.

  I got up early today and stayed awake instead of going back to asleep so this allowed a few more things to get done before the kids woke up and before we went to the gym.  I even got to the gym earlier today!  Breakfast was a peach and cream oatmeal.  It was very creamy without the flavor of cream but very good I must say!  I did skip the topping which would have probably fixed that problem.  I used fresh peaches which when cut up and cooked in the oatmeal it exploded with juicy goodness when you bit into it.

  Lunch was leftovers from Outback. Steak and potatoes.  I  usually very bad with leftovers.  I will eat out and bring the food e and not eat it then weeks later different I out to eat.  Even food I have made at home doesn't necessarily get eating within a specific time frame.  But I have eaten leftovers for a few days, yeah me and refrigerator.
  Dinner was again leftover pasta salad.  It's not even close to gone yet.  I think it still has a few more days to it.  But I'm still pleased with how it tastes even though it was way better the first day.  The beans when cooked split open and almost taste like chicken.  The peppers are not as delicious but as a leftover it's really not that bad.  To accompany the salad I made a salmon.  As you have seen the last few days I have eaten more whether it is because of all the extra exercise and activities I am doing and burning off or I'm just hungry.  It may also be a phase and taper out.  This salmon is one of my favorite ways to eat it.  I do enjoy salmon and eat it a variety of ways.  This recipe however makes this delicious crunchy flavorful top with walnuts and ahhh, breadcrumbs.  I used Panko today but have used regular or homemade before.

Recipe credits: 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 10 of 30

  Not quite half way yet but it's getting a little easier.  I have eaten today more than I have been lately maybe this is a step in a different direction.  I can see (or think I see physical changes).  I am down only 5lbs but inches are going down; which is a super thing in regards to clothes!  I haven't had regular milk; which is a big deal I am a cereal eater a majority of time.  I haven't tried almond milk on any cereal.  I haven't had a slice of bread or grain; boy I would like a slice of bread with peanut butter or bread and butter with my eggs.  I do know there are healthier choices I can buy.  Lastly, sugar I miss sugar.  I ate sugar at least weekly.  Not necessarily large quantities but something.  I miss that.  Sweet Tea, desserts, maybe a random piece of candy.

Today my workout focus was weights.  I met the stair stepper today
and maybe tomorrow I can hang for 10 minutes  which is more than the 5 today.  I found it to be so awkward to use.  However I refuse to let a machine win. I will be back.

My water was not 100 oz it was only about 75 today but still more water than I used to drink.  The big issue of the day is how much I ate and what I ate.  I am proud to share with you my meals for today.

Breakfast: pancakes made with oatmeal and bananas with a side of pineapple and blueberries
Lunch: leftover turkey sloppy joes, carrots and leftover pasta salad.
Dinner: Zucchini boats
2 snacks: 2 spoons of peanut butter and 1 bowl of fruit.

Recipe credit: clean-wafflepancake-batter

Wordless Wednesday

This week in one of my previous post you saw that I walked 7 miles.  The kids and I took a trip to 3 of our local state parks.  From previous post you saw I completed a visit 5 parks challenge and now I'm slowly trying to visit them all. Or at least that is the goal.  We headed to 3 parks that were located in northern Virginia.  It was a little over 2 hours from us so we left about 7.  It was a long day for us as we didn't get home until after 10 (see my healthy meal for day 8)
Please enjoy some of the nature we saw.
 These were various stones we sifted through to look for sharks teeth!
 This silly spooky tree was on one of the trails.  I could only imagine what it would look like with a candle lit in it.
 This was one of two big frogs we saw.  Funny thing is somehow my daughter saw it and funny how he didn't move and one of us would have come awfully close to stepping on it.
 A beautiful spiderweb as the sun hit it.  We saw a lot of dandy long legs which are the only spider I'm comfortable with!
 One park had all these twisted trees.  More twisted trees here then I ever saw. They were neat to see.
Mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms! We saw all different colors, sizes and shapes.  They are neat to see and my daughter has taken up pointing them out whenever she sees them.

It was a great day for us.  I think the more we walk the more they appreciate what is around us.  We talk about safety and try not to freak out to much when the snakes appear. (one this time went across the path behind us when we looked)

The walking on various trails in the woods takes some getting used to but we bring water and a backpack with miscellaneous things so I hope I'm prepared.  I am enjoying seeing more of my state and am grateful for having earned the annual pass.  Definitely putting miles on my shoes and having a mostly good time with my kids. 3 more parks down!   Only a few more to go!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 7,8,9 of 30 day challenge

I didn't realize I was three days behind just thought it was two. So let's get to how things are going.

Sunday Day 7
Breakfast: Yogurt with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and granola
Lunch: leftover salad from Friday
Dinner: leftover turkey sloppy joes, homebaked fries and
My workout on Sunday was going to be my rest day but I did go on a canoe for an hour.

Monday Day 8
 Not a good day. I know this already but it's still about accountability.  Somedays are not going to be as good.  My workout was great. My children and I went hiking and made 7 miles. Which is great but my meals is where I slipped this day.
Breakfast: strawberry and banana smoothie 
Lunch: fruit
Dinner: I essentially skipped as we left the park late and dinner would have been fast food but I picked at more fruit.

Tuesday Day 9
Today was a much better day.  
Breakfast: fruit
Lunch: pasta salad with kale, spinach, beans, peppers and garlic 
Dinner: leftover Zuppa Tuscany from last week
2 snacks, I wonder if it was the walking yesterday? 1 spoonful of peanut butter. A cup of pineapple whip.
75 oz of water
Workout: 33 minutes elliptical.

There now we are all caught up.  I ate a lot of leftovers but today's new recipes will be posted on the bottom.  My workouts vary as you can see.  I do try to maintain some kind of cardio every workout but do add weight training sporadically.  

Pasta recipe credit:                                              

Pineapple whip recipe credit:               

Sun protection with Aveeno

  Each weekend things get a little busier.  We get a little more active outside or go somewhere which means direct sun exposure in the car.  I was granted the privilege of sampling a Aveeno Baby face stick sunscreen.

  This product is great! The easy roll up stick is easier to apply to your babies face compared to a spray or lotion.  It provides the same coverage and with an SPF 50 your baby is covered against the harmful rays of the sun.

  Thank you crowdtap and to 2 other lucky mom poolside today at my local gym given my 2 freebies! I hope you enjoy! Keep your babies protected. Always apply sunscreen especially when expected outside exposure is for long periods of time. Don't forget to reapply every few hours for maximum protection.

#facestick sunscreen

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yoga bag review

  You know I am on a mission to live a healthier life and that takes work in many areas.  You need to work many areas to complete a common goal.  Whether you want to lose weight, tone up or just learn to eat healthier.  Your diet needs to change, your activity needs to change and your motivation needs to rise! Rise above where it has been to push you forward.

  On my sculpting body process I have taken up daily visits to my gym.  I love to workout.  I also know you need to change it up.  You need to utilize different machines to work different muscles just like changing the speed, incline and distance to again challenge you.  Classes offered at your gym also work the same way.  Yoga!  I am familiar with it have done it in the past.  The slow pace is a challenge for me to work with.  I like fast pace and heavy work.

  However yoga has many benefits as well.  I plan on incorporating this into my routine.  The slower pace will do good for my overall well-being.  I recently purchased this great yoga bag. It fits mats up to 28 inches and comes in a variety of colors.  I choose blue!
  It has two handles for easy transport of your mat and a few other yoga necessities maybe a block or resistance band!  The top has full size  zipper top from one end all the way to the next! That's great because you won't have to struggle to squeeze thongs in because you have the full length of the bag to put items in.

  If you are searching for a new bag for your yoga mat or tired of carrying your mat with that strap this is a great bag to replace it with.  I was provided this product at a discount for my honest review.

Providing you the fast link directly to Amazon to pick up your own!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 6 of 30

  Whenever I wake up without children awake and someone home it gives me the perfect chance to get a good workout in uninterrupted.  Today was that day!  I decided what route I was going to run, set my app to calculate my miles, turned my music on, clipped my running bag and I was off.

  I am not a marathon runner but I do run for the exercise benefit.  I have run a couple 5k's and maybe I will run more but I more do it just because it's a challenge.  I do keep track of my distance, time, speed and calories.  I always change it up by running a different path just to provide variety.  Some paths have a smooth terrain others may have a few hills.

Today I went around the block which equaled out to 2.34 miles.  I did not run the whole thing there was walking involved in it today as well.  However, I must have walked to much because when I came home I picked up my bike and went back out.  I usually tow my kids around behind me.
So today was a nice change for riding my bike too.  Losing that extra 50lbs made me pedal a little faster, a little farther.  I biked 4.5!

  No the meal portion of my day.  Breakfast was made when I came home.  Hmm, it was a nice gesture and it would have not went over well if I neglected to eat it so I did.
To be honest with you all that grease was so good.  Corned beef hash, a piece of bacon, egg with cheese and some peaches.  I even washed it down with some orange juice and my 25 ounces of water.
  I think all that grease must have swelled in my stomach because I was not hungry at all.  I finally made myself eat.  Still dwelling on my not so healthy breakfast I tried to make a a healthy choice. A bowl of salad with carrots and tuna along with a bowl of yogurt and a sprinkle of granola.
Dinner was a surprise attack on my mission too.  Now, I must tell you something serious.  You need support from your significant other.  They don't need to adhere to your diet but it is not fair to put temptations in front of you.  I declare portions of my dinner to be my cheat meal.  We are allowed 2 and tonight's meal falls into that.  Dinner out at Outback's.
See the nice healthy salmon and veggies! Aren't they pretty. So healthy and good for you.  Well this is what came after the appetizer.   The appetizer we always get when we go there. A treat like no other. Behold the bacon cheesefries!
I did partake in some of these. Happily it was a smaller portion than I usually do but this was definitely not a healthy choice.  But, I did have self control as I declined dessert and my sweet tea. These two are my staples most everywhere.

I guess I'm glad I did that biathlon earlier. You just never know what meals are ahead of you in the day.  Lol, I did get 100 +oz water down too! Yeah!

"I Do" Voxbox

  A few weeks ago I unveiled my voxbox and I just wanted to show you in detail what the contents were.

This card is like a welcome card and let's me know more about the products in my box.

Nanoblur is a anti-aging skin finishing cream.  Helps to correct fine lines, crows feet and enlarged pores.

This product by UrgentRX is a fast powder no liquid required medicine.  It comes in Lemon -Lime flavor and this company offers other flavors and different medicine for other issues. 

Skinnygirl brand nutrition bar.  My bar is dark chocolate almond with coconut.   It is 170 calories, gluten free and kosher and has no artificial sweetness or flavors!

 I have met a Neutrogena product I haven't liked and this is just another point for them.  I received a 2oz hand cream for relief of dry and chapped hands.
Snack time may never be the same.  I had never tried these Sahale snacks and must say I like them and want to try their other flavors.  I received Mango Tango almond mix.  The package is 1.5 ounces of non-gmo, gluten free,no preservatives or artificial flavors or colors.  However there is a kick of chipotle chili.  There are almonds, banana chips, mango bits and more in this pack. Yum!

Covergirl provided a foundation in the color of classic tan.  It was perfect for me.  I do enjoy getting dressed up once and awhile and this does the trick for a great base before I put the rest of my makeup on.
Lastly, but not without great recognition.  This beautiful shade of Phantom Pink lipstick by Covergirl Outlast.  I love it and have received compliments on it.  That's does wonders for a girls self confidence!

So that was all my goodies.  Thank you for taking a look.  Have you tried any of these?  I am so overjoyed with my first box I can't wait to see what else is coming.  If you have an interest in joining Influenster and want to test products, promote and review them comment with your email and I will send you an invite!