Monday, July 31, 2017

Weekly Goals

  August is here!  What does that mean?  4 months until Christmas, fall is almost here, colder weather is in the future and life goes on.

  Listing my goals for the month are too broad I want to focus on the here and now.  Small attainable goals for the week.

1. Finish 1 book. I have 2.5 I'm chugging through.

2.  I need to download my pictures which is such a process but the more I put it off the slower my phone goes.

3.  Plan out next weeks meal plan.

4.  Declutter some clothes!

  Ok that's all I have without overwhelming myself or putting items on that I know are as good as done (which would be cheating).

  What are your goals this week?  Or do you have some big monthly ones?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

It's time to eat! Meal plan 7/31- 8/4

  A girls got to eat and a mom has to feed her family.  I know it's easy to fly through the week when you have a plan but, it's not easy to make the plan!  Plus it's soo frustrating when you have picky eaters that veto everything but I just push through.

  Tonight's meal was a winner because you can never eat enough breakfast.

Breakfast is the one meal I hear the least amount of complaints about so if we ate breakfast twice a day everyone would officially eat in my house.

Here's the rest of my line up for the week!

7/31 Pasta

8/1 Meatless 

8/2 Crockpot

8/3 Salmon

8/4 Leftovers 

  What are your dinner plans for the week? I'm always looking for something new.  This week 3 of these recipes are new!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Steps for a Fitness Change

  Just a couple years ago I was trapped in a medical boot.  After several visits to various doctors, different tests done and x-rays and scans completed. 2 months later of me hobbling I was diagnosed with a stress fracture.  I had that boot on mobilizing my freedom of movement for 6 months.  I was an active person prior to that so that was hard.

 If your interested in getting fit what's stopping you? Get your pencil out and list your pros and cons.  Make goals instead of excuses.

1. Know your why!

  Working out is all what you put in. Just like at your daily job whether it's in a office or at home.  If you put in minimal work your will get minimal results.  Think about what you want to accomplish. Set goals that you can climb up to.  Making them attainable although slow will help the process be more manageable. What are you looking for weight loss, muscle tone or definition, more endurance.

2.  How much time do you have?

  How important is fitness in your life?  What are you willing to do to make it happen?  Wake up at 5am to get some time in before work? Don't run out the gate with a timeline of 2 weeks.  It will be a process.  You may not see results for the first couple weeks but at the end of a dedicated month small changes may be visible. I shoot for at least an hour at the gym more is good but definitely not less. 30- 45 minutes of cardio followed by some weight training.  You will not I repeat you will not get huge if you pick up weights.  Stronger but not huge.

3.  Be open minded.

  You are trying to make changes in your lifestyle so you have to come to terms with all that means.  Sweating, hot and thirsty.  You will be tired and that's because your working your body like never before. The nice thing is it will feel good. The exhaustion will pass and you will feel relieved.

  There are so many options you can utilize on this journey and I'm going to share what I use for my fitness routine to include the gym and other resources. You can spend money but that's not necessary.  You can workout for next to nothing! I'll be back with options to shed, tone or build endurance.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Showtime Rewards at Cinemark

  Reward programs from stores and restaurants do have their own unique perks.  Some perks are not as good.  I will not necessarily run out my house for a buy one get one free deal.  A free burger from the restaurant down the street gets my attention and so does free entertainment.

  Last week I received an email promoting a special screening of Girls Trip for Cinemark Connections.  Cinemark's reward program works twice as hard as other programs.  I have the app on my phone and open it upon arriving at the location.  I have the staff scan my phone when I purchase tickets and food. For these scans I receive points.

   Another way I receive points is Cinemode.  You get points for not using your phone for the duration of the movie.

  Your points go towards discounts on food, drinks and even some special movie items!


I am slowing building up my points and when I see the right reward I'll know it when I see it! For now I am just collecting away.  It's hard to remember to have them scan for tickets and food so that's a hit or miss deal for me but the Cinemode is easy to remember.

So next time you visit Cinemark don't forget to get your points.  Cinemark provides several movie viewing options to include digital, XD and 3D! I always love that Tuesdays at my local theater is matinee ALL day! 

What's the next movie you plan on seeing?