Thursday, December 31, 2015

Now Showing Sisters (maybe a spoiler)

  I managed to squeeze in one more movie for 2015!  I saw Sisters always pushing the budget envelope I went during matinee times.  Matinees are anything before 5pm I think and the price is just $5.00.

  Sisters is rated R and runs for 118 minutes.  I can not express with the producers and particular actresses: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler language, sex, drugs and innuendos are throughout the whole movie.  They brought the movie to life and kept the comedy flowing through the whole movie.

  Two sisters on a mission to keep their childhood home that their parents have sold to move into a condo to downsize.  They will do anything to keep it and work quite nicely as a team on the battlefront.  As they pack up their room they have a 1980's flashback.  They eventually decide a party is where it's at to give the house a final send off and allow the shy 2nd sister to have a fling in her childhood home.

  Keep an eye out for a few more celebrity appearances.  There is a plot to the movie and a lot of comedy at every turn.  You will laugh, laugh some more and reminisce of your childhood.  You might catch a poster from your childhood wall, an outfit or a toy!

  I am please with this movie and glad I finished off 2015 with this selection.  I will happily rent this when it comes out which proves how good it was if I will watch it again! Credits include some funny outtakes as well.

  Bring on 2016 and let's see what's playing! I already have my eye on a couple in January.  My children do too so I may be able to give you a review of all types of movies.

Hints: a boy, a forest, a bear and some outlaws.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

  Well we went to Colonial Williamsburg again this past weekend.  Squeezed out one more trip as our membership expires at the end of the month.  What I didn't know and what we were fortunate to have come at the right day was the illumination.  We have always gone during the day and left at closing or before that.  Never have we been there to see the lights, fires or candles.

We got there in the early evening as the sun was going down .  It was soo nice outside at 70° in December!

 We were staying for an evening show at The Capital!

As the darkness approached candles were visible in the windows.

Then the show was about to start!

Fire, drums and fifes, rifles!  Soldiers marching and the action is about to begin!

A stroll down the street was a new sight to us as most of the houses had lights in the windows!

Although we didn't participate; ice skating was going on as if we were in upstate NY in the middle of winter. YES, people we have ice skating here in December in 70°!

  It was a great experience.  I saw so many pictures via instagram and can't wait to renew our membership to catch more glimpses of times, seasons or holidays I missed out on this year @colonialwmsburg.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Now showing Daddy's Home (maybe a spoiler)

  I went to the matinee today for Daddy's Home!  It is rated PG-13 and runs for 1 hr and 36 minutes.  PG-13 is for the language as I am sure all the topless scenes Mark Wahlberg was in was not put into that category.

  This movie was funny!  I enjoyed the whole thing and I don't think it slowed down or got boring in any section.  From start to finish I was highly entertained and not just because of a certain actor.

  The story is a battle between two men. One the new step dad versus the old biological dad.  The step dad is very well read in how to raise step children so he is prepared to parent the kids.  The old dad of course is not ready for someone else to raise his kids, be with his wife and take his family.

  The movie circles around the two guys playing good guy, bad guy and everything in between with no rules.  It's entertaining to watch them top each other.    You could maybe foresee where certain scenes were going but its still well worth it to watch.

  Keep watching till the end because after all what did you pay for!  Good movies keep it good until the credits and sometimes during them!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Last Day of Elf

  So I never did get around to posting out last day of Elf of day 24.  We regretfully didn't have a big send off.  In fact since we were housing the Elf away from the whole story line he is still with us now.

  He may or may not get packed up but I guess a going away party really isn't necessary when he's not leaving.  But now that I think about it we can't have a party for him arriving either if he's already hanging out with us.  I will have to evaluate this further down the road.  Until then he was up to a little bit of fun for the 24th.

Poor Elf was tucked in the refrigerator this morning.  I'm not sure how long he was in there but at least he had on a blanket.

My daughter also pointed out our milk had been claimed and tampered with.  No one was alarmed enough to not drink it though.

  He apparently liked colors today as he prepared the kids bath as well.

  Bubbles and blue.  Nothing could be better except for some exotic island with 70° weather and no sharks!

  Well with the Elf staying for now we shall see if he does any random acts of good or bad behavior.

  Again my children enjoyed him. They knew it was all in fun and my youngest daughter even made request for what she thought the elf should do or what she was thinking about making him too.  I think this way was just as fun as the don't touch, he definitely did it and he's going to disappear elf.

  I hope everyone had a great holiday!

Friday, December 25, 2015

The hub bub of the holiday

    We participate in all the traditional fun of Christmas.  We unwrap presents, play, eat, nap and do it all over again minus the unwrapping part.

  Either way my goal is to not over indulge the children but to make it a special day for them.  The get a variety of items.  Some they want and some they don't.

New clothes for everyone.  Socks or underwear anyone? Yeah!

Toys for the young and old.

Toiletries for the teenage girl. Her very own stash to spare mine for a little while.

Even homemade ornaments made great gifts for everyone.

  My favorite thing to give my family are family gifts.  The kids get to each unwrap one of them and it's a surprise for everyone.  This year it hit a little bit of all areas for everyone to have fun in.

All the family gifts were accepted happily along with ......

The Pie in the Face game.

  No matter your traditions I hope everyone finds happiness somewhere in today.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Day Before Holidays

  Do you ever find yourself resting up for the big day?  Are you that organized?  You prepared your list the beginning of the month all the way down to what meal you were making and who was sitting by whom.

  Maybe you even figured out a schedule of what houses you were going to at what time and for exactly how long.  Not me, not this house.

  Today we have been making crafts. Well I have been assisting and making with my youngest daughter.  We visited several stores and brainstormed some ideas yesterday as to what she could give to her family.  She desperately wanted to give her family members something.  She was aware of the gifts they had for her and she wanted to give them something too.

  She did buy 2 items for her sisters and then made and I assisted in her creating ornaments for her family.

A melted snowman being created by little hands.

 Laying the glue down for a stand up snowman.

Supplies for a ninja turtle for a certain little fan.

Last one was a going to a fan of yellow creatures.  I loved this one because she decided it needed to be two sided. So we made the otherside into something else.  Hop over to my instagram to see the final ornaments.

I even got into the crafty mood.

Happy Holidays everyone! I wish for everyone to have a happy, safe and festive day!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23 of 25 Days of Elf antics

  Well it has been quiet with a bunch of good days with Elf but I guess all good things must come to an end.  Elf was left unattended again.  I take that back he is always left unattended we as humans have to sleep.  So I think he is onto us. He knows when we are sleeping (he knows when your awake).  Oh wait that's someone else.

Look at what Elf gave us today!

  Even if I thought it was someone else playing a trick on someone else in the house.  Elf always seems to be in the area.  Lurking if you may.  I think to listen in on our reactions or maybe to see our facial expressions when we see what he has left us.

  Well you got us today, Elf.  I'm glad we didn't have any middle of the night runs.  This joke may not have been funny to someone trying to make a quick pit stop.

  The days are numbered with our Elf.  He should go out with a bang.  I wonder what will happen.  Also I have seen plenty of parties for elves coming and going.  I think it only fair to send our Elf off with a going away bash.  After all he has brightened this home into what it has become!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The 22nd day with Elf

  It's always interesting to see what Elf comes up with.  Today it looks like he tried to keep the kids in.  A make shift temporary containment for kids.  Little does he know I have yet to find anything to contain the children.

  Poor elf your efforts although grand looking will not even slow the beasts down when they wake up.  They will charge through there like raging bulls and a red clothe.

  Lol, there you sit with the best seat in the house. Waiting for them to discover your hard work.  I can't wait to see what you have in store for us tomorrow.

  Sadly I am not counting but your days are numbered. The end is near and you will be greatly missed.  Thank you Elf for all the fun and excitement.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 21 with Elf

  Elf met us again in the kitchen. Either he knows us pretty good or he really pays attention to a common occurrence here. Eating. Today Elf had the preparations for a treat set out.

He was not trying to take a bath.  He had some of the marshmallows poured in a pan and the Rice Krispies were on deck looking to be next.

We spent the day out and about today but when we got home we got down to business!

This is a good kid recipe so I set the oldest and youngest in for this one.

The oldest didn't know what she walked into  the little one wanted to experience it too.

(I jumped into to dig them out after I sprayed my hands, lol.  Why didn't she think of that?)

Well that's neither here nor there.  They are even edible.  Both kids did a good job and had it not been for Elf we may not have even thought of the idea on our own.

Looking for a Healthy Beef Snack

  I just walked into a new healthy avenue.  Beef sticks are not normally in the healthy choice option but now I'm happy to inform you they are!  +Chomps Snack Sticks  has
beef sticks packed with not only flavor and spicy punch but the beef is 100% grass fed!  No antibiotics are used, the snacks are gluten free and there are no nitrates, nitrites or synthetics!

  The beef sticks are portable and can be peeled and chomped in their package or we choose to cut them up and munch on them from serving bowls.

  We tried three flavors:
Crankin' Cran
Hoppin' Jalapeño

  Original was by far my favorite as I am not a fan of spicy flavor and even the original had spice too it.  The Crankin' Cran had a great flavor with the cranberries but the flavor left my mouth a little tingly.  I didn't dare try the Hoppin' Jalapeño.  I left that to the the others.

  I liked these snack sticks not just because they were healthier but because they tasted good!  I was provided these beef stick snacks for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

Check out Chomps here

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day 20 with Elf

  Elf knew how much we wanted to draw birds to the house so he was busy stringing Cheerios for the tree.

  By the length of the chain he was working on this for awhile. Good little guy! Thank you so much for your hardwork and it was greatly appreciated.

  I did see you had help and that was very nice of Elmo to assist.  We have never had any trouble from him and he always seems to bring a smile to my kids.

  Thanks again Elf for your hardwork and  determination to bring smiles to the young faces in this home!  I wonder what you will do tomorrow.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

19th Day of Elf

  Today the elf gave us an idea based on what he was doing.  It's some thing we normally do but even though it's the 19th day of December; we still had not done it.

Some houses had lights up in their neighborhood.  They were so pretty.

  So Elf was taking a ride through the neighborhood to see them.

I think he really liked them!

   The children also liked touring the neighborhood.  After touring with elf we toured our own neighborhood as well.

Happy holidays everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Now showing Alvin and the Chipmunks (no spoiler)

  I stepped out to a matinee showing of Alvin and the Chipmunks with my family today! The movie is rated PG and runs for 1 hr and 28 minutes.

  The movie has the same storyline of the chipmunks being left at home while Dave leaves but the chipmunks become alarmed about why Dave left which sets them off on a roadtrip.

  Over the course of their roadtrip through various states trouble follows them wherever they go providing us the audience with pure entertainment.  Some if the humor you don't even see coming.

  You will see fast cars, dancing, singing and special appearances by the Chipettes.  This is a funny movie and everyone in my party to include a 3 yo laughed and enjoyed it. There are popular radio hit songs played throughout.

  I would rent this movie when it comes out!

Good Morning Elf (Day 18)

  Elf tried to play a game with the little miss this morning.  She had to read the clues to figure out what was being requested.

He had substituted a chef hat in place of his regular elf hat.  He had a frying pan a slice of cake and a card.

The card held a recipe but the child cannot fully read so she had to figure out what Elf was trying to tell her with the other two items.

  Eventually when frying pan cake didn't make sense she tried her luck with pancake.  Bingo!

She was in charge of the cooking of breakfast this morning!

She did a great job mixing up her pancake batter and I am sure after she makes these a few more times she will commit the recipe to heart.  

Momma made the pancakes and I stepped up my game! Check out a couple of my masterpieces!

Thank you Elf for the funniest breakfast we have ever had!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Elf Delivered Custom Doughnuts (day 17)

  Woke up this morning to a creative tasty breakfast.  Elf had used his skills to create some snowmen for us.  I like to add us as if I'm receiving part of the deal.

He sat patiently on the table waiting to be noticed and hoping it would still be breakfast time instead of lunch.

I love catching their first impression.  I don't always get it suprisingly enough.  I may be in the other room or upstairs waiting for them to discover it.

The thoughts that go through their mind I may never know but I think they are having a great time and enjoying the surprise attention they are receiving.

Elf will practice his snowman skills for next year and lighten the frosting application one snowman looks a little spooky.