Wednesday, August 30, 2017

10 miles of Norfolk VA

  For the last couple weeks we have ventured to Norfolk the city next door and took advantage of their summer kids program.  While there since I paid for the ferry and parking (optional) I like to get my money's worth so we toured the city as well.  On foot of course because that's FREE!

We racked almost ten miles that day but I packed our lunch, some snacks and plenty of water to keep us going.

  This city has so many neat spots I knew of and some we just stumbled on coincidentally.

We checked out some street art and they decided to strike a pose.

 It's hard work realizing that the walk has only just begun...

 We saw a mermaid or two.  We are going to go back and look for some more.  Although after some research apparently there are 130 and I doubt we will get to all of them.
They sure are neat to see because they vary so much.

In a quiet little neighborhood we found this running train in the front yard.  My kids stood there for awhile.  I don't know how often the train runs but I'm glad my kids were in the right place at the right time.

We even visited The Pagoda for some impromptu pictures.

We plan on making another visit or two to Norfolk and I can't wait to share with you what we see!  

Do you re-visit neighboring towns? Play tourist in your own city?  What is one place you keep going back to that's close?

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

It ok (by me)

  I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities I missed but didn't lose sleep over.

You can find her current post here.

It's OK that I have an overdue book in my possession. I'm still reading it and with less then 100 pages I'll turn it in when I'm done!

It's OK that I don't always read a book to the kids at night because sometimes I read like 6 during the day!

It's OK I didn't listen to the kids when they said they didn't want to walk because we made almost 10 miles and actually enjoyed ourselves and the sights around town!

It's OK that I still have some school shopping to do because otherwise I would be efficient and people would expect more from me.

It's OK that I don't follow the whole recipe because I don't have a particular ingredient on hand.  How much can the flavor really change?  I'll do it right next time!

                 (I didn't have any basil)

  That's what I'm OK with for now. What are you OK with?

Monday, August 28, 2017

Weekly menu 8/29-9/1

  This was last week's Fiesta Ranch Chicken Pasta meal.  It is well liked in my house but this time I changed a few things and it wasn't as appreciated.

  This week I'm so excited for my meals not because they are all new and offer a variety of different flavors but because I get Monday off and dinner out!

  I did receive some vegetable special pasta that I will be incorporating into my meals if not this week next week for sure! We shall see how the family reacts to that!




Sloppy Joes

  Well there you go! That's what's on my plate this week! Look forward to hearing what's being served in your home. Have a great week but don't go hungry!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

All Aboard Ferry Rides

  Every once and awhile we take a trip on a ferry.  We leave the car behind and walk aboard the ferry to cross the Elizabeth River and explore downtown Norfolk.

  The kids enjoy the ride because they can pick where they sit.  Upstairs is open to the wind in their hair and all the sights and sounds. Downstairs is enclosed and a bit quieter.  They also enjoy watching the water wheel propel us across the water.

They also enjoy catching the sight of other boats.

  The ferry runs every 30 minutes and makes two stops in Portsmouth but only one stop in Norfolk.  During the summer it runs every 15 minutes with the help of another ferry and also runs a ferry to Harbor Park for the games.

  The opportunities are endless for family fun in Norfolk.  Waterside has plenty of games and a splash pad to keep you or small travelers entertained.  This area is immediately where you get off the ferry! We stop after our adventures because one the kids don't want to leave and two it helps motivate them to head towards the home.

Adults there are plenty of chairs for you to rest in while the kids play.

When your ready to leave Norfolk head back to Waterside for the quick ride across the water!

The ferry is free for kids with a paying adult. Adult fares are $1.75 one way and exact fare is required.  So next time your looking for a different mode of transportation and want a little more fresh air grab a ferry and head over to Norfolk.  

A different perspective is always a nice change of pace.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

July Ipsy Bag (review)

   Before my August bag gets here let's look at what was in my July Ipsy bag.  Ipsy is a monthly subscription bag I receive every month for $10 a month with free shipping.  In your bag you receive 5 products slightly catered to you based on a survey you complete.  The survey questions range from skin tone inquiry, to favorite makeup color for eyes and lips.  There are even questions about skincare.  After you answer these questions they are put into consideration for the next upcoming box.  I just updated mine today and unchecked brushes. I got a different brush everytime.

  My favorite thing about Ipsy is the bags.  I'm not going to lie.  They change every month and sometimes they are so fun.  This month features Gudetama AKA the sleepy egg. He represented the lazy vibes of August.  This bag was so cute even the zipper tag was a speech bubble that said, "meh....".

My August brush was by So Susan. This blender brush will be put to good use if not by me then the the teen.

Rainforest of the Sea deep dive cleansing gel by Tarte.  This is a pretty little purple bottle.  It is a 0.25 fl oz sample or perfect for travel size.  Smells great and is very soothing.  You lather up the gel then rinse of for a cleaner face and makeup removal.

Next up Wonderwand gel kohl liner by Ciate London in black! Liner one side and brush on the other end.  I can't wait to use this!

Ultra lip moisturizing herbal lip balm by Hempz.  The scent wasn't spectacular but, it didn't make my lips smooth and soft.

Lastly was pressed eyeshadow by Mprincess in the shade called biscuit.

So there's my 5 items for the month if July.  August is in the mail already and because you can see what's in the bag already I can see my new brush coming!! Since I updated late I may not have one in September!

If your looking to try out Ipsy for yourself or to give as a gift to your teen feel free to use my link here.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Weekly Goals

  Well I succeeded with my 25 miles goal last week.

I read to the half way mark of my book! I am ahead one week with my meal plans! I worked hard on increasing numbers and engaging more next month I'm going to start keep track better with documentation! Lastly I dumped some well over due pictures!!!

This week goals!

1. Hit the gym 5 days.  This is not a challenge, chore or goal for me but taking a different class would be! I use a variety of cardiovascular equipment and lift weights but classes I tend to shy away from.

Monday: Aerial Yoga
Tuesday: TRX
Wednesday: Line Dancing (this is a regular class for me)  Maybe I will find something else on this day as well!
Thursday:  to be determined
Friday: to be determined

2.  You know what else I'm horrible at drinking water.  Even 8 glasses is asking a lot.  It's not that I'm filling up on other stuff because I'm not. I may just go all day without drinking anything. So I will focus on 8 and shoot for drinking 10 glasses everyday and keep track on app.

3. Part of me wants to add a cardio goal to go with this fitness week but I'm not sure what to set the goal at.  This week I'll shoot to cycle ...25miles is too low because I can do that in a day.  Not sure if 100 is too much. That's 25 a day.  Kind of seems like a lot. I guess I'll shoot for 50!  Let's just see what I get but, I'll cycle this week instead of run!

4.  Finish my book! Sounds like a great idea! There's 450 pages in the book!

  Hey do you think if I don't put dump more pictures if I will actually do it?  I have it on my to do list and it just keeps getting transferred to the next day.

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Weekly Menu 8/21-8/24

  This shrimp plate was from a couple a weeks ago but, I may have to put it on the menu again soon.  Everyone liked it.

  This week I guess pasta is the word of the week.  Although one day I'm going to try to make the Zucchini pasta!  I did a run through of my pantry items think I have my ingredients organized for this week and next but, for some reason I'm second guessing myself so we shall see.  I'm not sure I'm feeling the days I have specified but that's ok. The menu is planned and I can switch the days around because the hard part is over.

Sausage and pasta

Zucchini pasta

Chicken and pasta


  Happy eating everyone! My dinners are planned now off to plan something else!

  If you could have your favorite meal tonight what would it be? Or where would it be?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Banana Peach Non-Dairy Frozen Treat

  Today we are going to try an edible delight! I had a peach last night that was the best piece of fruit I have had in a while. The first bite was so juicy that I knew I was about to enjoy the rest of the fruit for the next 15 minutes.  I dragged the consumption out!  I took a bite, sat it down, came back from another and sat it down until sadly it was gone. No worries though because there were 4 more in the bag and No one else knew how good they really were.

  I have made the infamous non-dairy ice cream with bananas before but today I raised the bar! I added peaches!

2 ingredients and a food processor is all I used in addition to the freezer.

1 frozen banana

1 ripe peach

1. Blend the frozen banana in the food processor until smooth and creamy.

2.  I then refroze the creamy banana for a half hour.

3. Slice up some of your peach!  After I sliced a side I actually only used a tablespoon of the peaches for my 1 banana.

4.   Add your spoonful of peaches to the creamy banana blend together again and add it back to freezer for a couple hours or until it's reached a texture to your liking.

  Your healthy 2 ingredient non-dairy frozen dessert is done! Grab a spoon and dig in.  Now this is only one serving so if you don't want to share eat it when the kids are in bed! Or double the recipe and offer a healthy treat to the kids too.

  How else do you stay cool in the summer if not with a frozen treat?

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Weekly Goals

  Last week didn't end to bad.   My meal plan was followed except for the last day.  I managed to come up with a new week and reduce it by a couple days to eat up leftovers!  I did catchup on some surveys.  Donated old clothes to the thrift store and am slowly chugging through my book.  Those darn pictures are still on my phone and accumulating more at a slow rate.

  New this week:

1.  I'm shooting to be half done with my book!

2.  Dump those pictures! Whatever will happen when this goal is complete?

3.   I want to engage more on a daily basis with others! So everyday I will like and comment on followers that I don't already comment engage with.

4.  I ran almost 5 miles today I would like to get 25 miles total in for the rest of the week!

5.  Shooting for another week ahead in my meal plans!

Did you see my dinner last night?  It was delicious!

  What is one goal that never seems to be completed?  Do you have a deadline this week that your working towards?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Weekly Menu 8/14-8/18

  Last week I made all my planned meals except for the vegetarian chili on Thursday.  I would normally carry over the meal into the next week but I'm missing a few important ingredients too so I'll put that back into the pile.

  This week I'm only making 3 meals because there are enough leftovers in the house to feed us for a couple days.

Monday 8/14
1 pot chili mac

Tuesday 8/15

Wednesday 8/16

Thursday 8/17

Friday 8/18

  I'm looking forward to my short week.  Plus as long as we eat up the leftovers the weekly plan was a success.  If meals get thrown away because it's old or under appreciated it's definitely a sad waste.

  Any meal plans this week for you?  Any dinner out plans?

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wordless Wednesday Look Up

  It's summer time here which allows things to slow down a bit or vice versa depending on the day but I still try to capture and appreciate natures beauty when it's made available to me.

  Sunrise or sunset is the highlight or the finale to my night.  I love catching sight of a good show in the sky.  I have missed a few sunrises in the summer but will make up for that soon.  However I am catching all the colors and rays in the evening.

I leave you with these images and hopefully some inspiration to get outside and look up! You never know what color it's going to be which is half the excitement!  When's the last time you looked up?