Friday, January 29, 2021

The In-Between Place book review and giveaway

What is the in-between place? Who lives there?  Do you like it there? Do you want to get out of there?

I live in that place.  I have been there for awhile. Due to many unforseen circumstances but, it's not where i want to be.    

I think all you have to do is admit what you dont like the in-between place then work towards getting out of it.  

I am currently working towards a better me. Working towards finding that happy place. Trying to be content, stable, productive and at peace.  I realize it's not a quick process but, I also realize it has to be done and it will eventually be achieved.

I have found a book to guide me. To make me stronger, to help me along the way.  There's something about reading about the path of someone else and seeing them get out the other side.

Chapters titled: Embrace Belonging  and Be Brave Enough To Ask Hard Questions And Accept The Truth help to encourage me through this book.

The author breaks down biblical stories of women who crossed the path of Jesus.  Women who were not accepted by their community but whom were good enough to be spoke to by Jesus.

This shows even in our darkest hour or the period of time we doubt ourselves that we are not alone.

Take this moment to check out this book.  Purchase a copy for yourself and try to win one here!! This is the perfect book to have on your shelf and share with your friends.

Take the first step and the rest falls in place.  I received this book complimentary for review purposes and all opinions are my own!