Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Haunting the Deep (book review)

Mystery, suspense. Titanic and ghosts.  This book had me slowly turning each page.  Not because I was scared but, because each page was filled with such detail you could almost see it.  To me a good book makes it easy to visualize the story.  Haunting The Deep by Adrian Mather takes you on an entertaining spooky journey.

We follow some goth girls whom are the present day Descendants.  Do they believe in witch craft, magic or enjoy making up stories together?

  Sam whom is followed by ghosts seeks help from the Descendants.  The school is having a upcoming dance with the theme of the Titanic.  The Titanic starts to become more then just a topic she is learning in class.  Sam is dreaming of the Titanic, she even is being gifted appropriate period attire for the Titanic.  But why and from who?

Pick up this book and sit back and follow this adventure.  Find our more about the author here.

I received this book from bloggingforbooks for this review.  All opinions are my honest opinion!  I enjoyed this book and if you like a mysterious spooky read this book will not disappoint.


Thursday, December 7, 2017

Coobie Bra (review) and GIVEAWAY

  There is a list of things I hate to do.  A list of items I hate to shop for or try on.  We all have a list for something.  Bra shopping is up there.

  I was recently introduced to Coobie Seamless bras and what an experience it has been.  I have a variety of bras from sports bras to strapless to underwire too.  Most women I can only assume have a variety of bras as well.  We know what works and are loyal to some more then others.  It's not always about the brand as much as it is about comfort.

  First off I loved what the bra looked like.  It's a beautiful shade of plum.  It has very sophisticated lace detail.  There are no latches, hooks or snaps with an exception on the shoulders straps for securing that perfect fit.

  I'm excited to share these bras with you!  I am having a giveaway with 2 winners! However if you can't wait use code USFG for a 30% discount!

  Good luck enter the giveaway here.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

School with Letter I

  So my printer is on the blitz.  I hate how every few years it seems I need a new one.  So when this happens we have to really take advantage of workbooks, chalkboards, and dry erase boards.  I even found some old sheets I had used with my daughter that were in sheet protectors.


  Although I put his letter of the week on his desk we still work on a variety of areas daily.  He learns numbers, as well as math.

  Of course a little tablet or computer time in addition to books, puzzles, crafts and other hands on activities helps pass the time and aid in fun learning.

Take a look at that first picture.  Do you see the ice cubes?  We played Don't Break The Ice! 

In addition to the ice game we played Cooties because cooties are insects!

I spy was played as well.  Some of these were really hard to find but he showed a great persistence in looking.

This worksheet had him coloring leaves based on some of his sight words.

We attempted to make an igloo with mini marshmallows.

I made an island for him but to my disappointment it wasn't not met with much enthusiasm.  It was yogurt I had dyed blue which he didn't care for, nor did he care for the mound of brown sugar.  I don't know what's wrong with that boy.

Lastly, we made ice cream!  He didn't quite follow through with all the necessary shaking but, he did appreciate this snack!

  My biggest struggle for letter I week was books.  On my hunt to find books this week I found there not to be a big selection.  So a lot of books had I this, or I that but only a few exact words. Ice cream, insects and a couple specific names.

So glad letter I is over.  Just before the local ice rinks opened so we will make a special trip to those.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Watch Ya Mouth Game Review

  A family plays games to have fun.  They play games not to win or pass the time but to enjoy each others company.  A family plays Watch Ya Mouth Throw down version to entertain themselves and maybe drool a bit.

  This family game is a newer version of Watch Ya Mouth.  It still has made the 2017 toy of the year which should tell you something.  If that's all I had to say pick up your game now with this 15% discount using this code: 15THROWDOWN. It's available here!

  Four of us with an audience played the game the other day and had a blast.  So much so it was talked about before bed and then the next morning over breakfast! It wasn't about winner or losers it was about the fun and laughs we had.

  This game got us all looking silly together so that evens the self conscious part.  Age didn't really matter except for some tasks required on the cards.  Otherwise this game easily makes playing a game just about the game.  There is a winner after 4 rounds by declaring he who has the most cards wins but it was never about that at least for us.

  Now let's get serious about the game!  The game states it's for ages 8 and up.  There are cards to read and tasks to complete.  My son utilized grandma who was watching us to tell him what the card said. Problem solved.  The game comes with various other props you may be called upon to use. Some easy items you may also need to supply yourself.

Wash the appropriate items that will be make mouth contact, read the directions designate who starts based on hygiene and begin!

Nothing is ever not a race.  You not only have a mouthpiece in but, you also get timed!

Secrets had to be shared but, if you guessed it you got the card!

We even had to phone a friend! No one won that one.

Pens not included! 

Water transfer was very interesting and our last highlight of the night! 

I believe with certainty that this 2017 game of the year was the right decision.  I have never had so much fun playing a game before. It was nice to play game that everyone could play and wasn't too mature for young kids to play and to "cool" for older kids to play.    

I was provided this game complimentary for review purposes but all experiences, opinions and fun were my own! 

Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Library has Books?

When you get your own library card it's almost mandatory to attend a diy library card holder event.

I have no shame I sent my teen to a bead class....... and she loved it!

All things John Green was a teen event that was all her idea.  She made pins, inspirational coasters and won this signed book!  She couldn't deny she enjoyed her library experience that day either. Watch out teen I think I saw you smile.

We have attended a lot of the preschool and elementary programs.  The library offers something different (usually hands on) every week.

Games are extra fun when your with your family and things are super sized!

Amazement when your balloon fills up by itself. Panic for mom when your not sure if it's going to blow up. Is there a phobia title for this?

The older kids get an experience one another level of learning and fun!  Shel Silverstein was the focal point one day.  The kids listened to a couple books then acted them out with each other for the parents.

Little miss is currently attending the monthly sewing classes.  She has learned basic sewing, adding buttons, and made a bag!

Mommy even gets to jump into a few programs of my own and I don't even have to share!  Crafts are offered regularly. 

I'm also in their book club.  Brooklyn is our next book. 

We even caught the eclipse at our library! This was fun for the whole family! It wasn't even just a show and bring your lawn chairs. It was a party! 

I'm just saying rumor has it a library has books too! Hmm, I didn't see any, guess I'll have to look next time I'm there.

Now I by no means am saying my library is better then yours but, I may be saying go and have fun at your library and see what they have.  Make suggestions to get more community involvement!   If you library does have activities and classes I would love to hear about them! 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

It's OK (by me)

It's that time again. A time to reflect on what we did a little less then perfect but, who cares!  Shake it off! It's ok! I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities are OK by me.

Check out her latest post here.

  It's OK that my kids have had candy everyday because of Halloween.  The received a lot and the day is coming where they will get tired of it and it will be off their minds.  Never have they ever eaten all of it.

  It's OK that my daughter has caught up with that new series Stranger Things.  She put a lot of dedication into watching the first series. She had it playing while she washed the dishes, and had it on constantly in her room.  I'm so proud to see she can make a commitment if she really wants to.

  It's OK that I got teary eyed when my daughter begged me to go to her Veterans Day program at school.  I'm glad I went.  We stood up for the branch we represented and there were only two others from the Air Force.

  It's OK that we got a new cable box and all those DVR shows I was going to watch are gone forever. 

    It's OK the store didn't have any bread when I was there.  Hamburger rolls seemed to be a real hit with my youngest. He ate his lunch in 5 minutes and cant wait for lunch tomorrow!

  Ahhh, OK just breath! I'm ok! Your ok! It's ok! What's one thing that you now realize is ok?

Monday, November 13, 2017

School with Letter F

Letter F was fun.  There's a lot that can be done with food, actions and places to visit.  I'm not saying we went to a farm or rode a firetruck.  We didn't make a fan and he didn't eat frosting out the can but, we could have.

Letter writing is a definite daily and weekly thing. There is no fine-tuning.  I'm happy when it resembles the letter.  Working in between lines is a challenge but he concentrates very hard.

F is for face.  He cut out the parts, glue and applied them to the appropriate spots.

F is also for firemen! Fire hats, hoses 

and fire hydrants.  We went outside to color ours more accurately.

Our first snack was goldfish.  I could have picked up some Swedish fish but, Halloween was the other day and we don't need more candy.

F is for fireworks.  This worksheet is a favorite for him.  He likes to dab the spots with the bingo dabbers.

I found this fish counting/match cards.  If you can't figure out the numbers then you have to count and figure it out.

This is an old spiral dry erase workbook with various activities to do.

I would have liked to take him fishing but, I let him play the fishing game instead and sometimes games are more fun then waiting patiently to catch a fish.

Lastly, F is for flying.  Bats are for Halloween so this was a perfect craft for the week.  Here is the original post and instructions for this fun craft!

  Thank you for following along in our school.  I hope you walk away with a little inspiration and motivation to teach and play with your kids!