Friday, February 23, 2018

For Your Kingdom CD review and giveaway

This year I vowed to spend more time listening to uplifting music.  I have it playing in my car as well as at home so when I was asked to review a Christian CD this fit perfectly into my plan!

Pre-order here and download 2 songs today!

The CD has 13 tracks with a complete play time of less then an hour which makes any wait time in a car more enjoyable.  Rush hour wait, anyone?

The songs are beautiful.  The singers and music compliment each other.  You hear words of inspiration, hope and faith.  The music is catchy and you find yourself humming to the tune, tapping a foot or singing along.

Here's a video
 of the group in action!

There are several reasons why I enjoy this CD.  

   1.  It allows me to play music family.                    friendly no matter where I am. 

  2.  My kids can sing the lyrics without me   being concerned with the language.  

 3.  We smile when we sing to the album.  We feel good when we hear it.

 4.  The songs are upbeat and we move to the music! 

Well now that I have you excited for some heart pumping, feet tapping, uplifting music try your luck with a free CD!

Enter the giveaway 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Taster Thursday (Sparkling Water)

  This week we are sipping on a sample I picked up at Target.  We tried Lemon Sparkling water by Simply Balanced.  My kids don't drink soda or I should say most of the time on my watch. So opening the can was exciting despite that I said it was water.

  The kids were surprised by the bubbles.

They had a toast to celebrate their new taste for the week!

One child drank all of their cup.  One child didn't like it a bit.  No surprise which child didn't like it.  

The stats!

The can was 12 FL oz.  It was made only with natural flavors and had zero calories per one serving can.

The kids both liked the bubbles.  Both declared it to be sour but, one again found it good enough to drink.  It was OK for me.  I would like to try a different flavor.  I have not had many sparkling waters so I need to compare it to another.

Until next week.  We will eat what we know and play it safe!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

STEM in Session

What is STEM?


  STEM is a learning with a concentration in these four areas.  It's a program used in all areas and levels of education.  My kids because they are younger enjoy this program at their library.

  The STEM program at the library starts out with a book that will give a preview of what will be learned that day.

The kids were able to experience snow, cold and winter in this STEM event.

We measured each other with mittens.

Made igloos or snow castles out of foam blocks and shaving cream.

A sensory bin is always present.  It's a big hit with my kids.

I like the endless possibilities that can be used in a sensory bin! This one used rice and had a scale for the kids to play with.

The science of ice and salt impressed my son.

His expression is priceless!  

Do your kids like Science or Math?  Do you enhance their love or learning of either?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's OK (by me)

It's that time again. A time to reflect on what we did a little less then perfect but, who cares!  Shake it off! It's ok! I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities are OK by me.

Check out her latest post here.

It's OK that I caught brief bits of the Fergie performance but don't feel the need to see the show so I can add to the conversation.

It's OK that I am enjoying the winter Olympics so much because not everyone can pull off these winter sports like thesee guys.  I'm just in awe of all of the shows.    

It's OK that I failed another attempt to donate blood for the Red Cross but I received some tips and should be able to donate successfully next time.

It's OK that we went to see Peter Rabbit a couple of weeks ago and the kids and I still talk about it based on commercials we see.

  Cheers to a new week! Goodbye to last week!  I will be OK no matter what!   Looking back at the past few days or weeks what are you OK with?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Motivation (Breakfast menu)

  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Who am I to question that?  So I will just eat it and go on with my day.

  I have found that we can stretch milk by adding hot meals to our week.  The kids don't complain about cereal everyday but a little variety is nice. Thankfully most breakfast items are eagerly accepted.

  This is our breakfast meal plan for the week!

Monday: Waffles

Egg and cheese quesadilla

French Toast

Thursday: Muffins


  Planning breakfast doesn't have to be hard.  I think it's way easier then dinner plans but, that's not the point.  The point is planning makes life so much easier, offers variety and challenges me with new recipes sometimes.

  A lot of people have a busy morning.  On a slow, easy going morning what do you make for breakfast?  What's your favorite breakfast?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 8 Goals

  Let's get ambitious this week and aim high!  No, don't we do that already? 

1.  Finish 2 books!

2.  Fitness: 25 miles, 4 classes

I like TRX I just struggle with the time.  I like all types of cardio but, to meet 25 miles of accountability I need to stick to machines because I don't have a fitbit, lol.  So if I choose to swim or even dancing those are free unaccounted for steps/miles 

3.  Cleaning: freezer

4.  Make a snack for the week.  I'm thinking granola this week! This is my favorite recipe.

  I'll stop at 4!   Anything after that will just be a freebie!

  Good luck on your new week. A new week is a clean slate!  Full of new opportunities and possibilities! Challenge yourself and be kind to yourself. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week 7 Recap

  Do you every have those weeks where your running in a meaningless circle?  That lovely never-ending circle.  How do we get in there?  I think it's a definite jump in kind of thing.  A don't look but leap deal because if we knew there was no way out would we jump in at all?

I only made it to the gym 3 times this week as I felt like a cold was coming so I was trying to fly low.

1. Finish the book!!!!
Done! Finally I am on to book 5!

2. Pitch to 3 more brands and update resume. 
I did pitch to 2 brands! So I was only short by 1.

3. Download pictures.  The memory is getting full on my phone again and things start to slow down.
I don't think I will ever have enough space!  I did download then I turn around add back my apps and take more pictures immediately. 

4. Have some Valentines Day fun with my kids! Because sadly, I may not if I don't write it down.  I may have just gave a box of chocolates to them and called it a day.

I did make krispie hearts with my son to share with his sisters!  I helped my daughter make cards for her important people! I also surprised everyone with a donut and box of chocolates! 

5. New recipe.
No, new recipe today.  Even my menu plan wasn't followed through because we had a lot of leftovers. 

As I'm feeling better at the end of the week and feel a little more productive I look forward to tomorrow and the new week.

Good luck and best wishes as you start your next week!