Tuesday, February 20, 2018

It's OK (by me)

It's that time again. A time to reflect on what we did a little less then perfect but, who cares!  Shake it off! It's ok! I'm going to play along with airingmylaundry today as I tell you what items/events/activities are OK by me.

Check out her latest post here.

It's OK that I caught brief bits of the Fergie performance but don't feel the need to see the show so I can add to the conversation.

It's OK that I am enjoying the winter Olympics so much because not everyone can pull off these winter sports like thesee guys.  I'm just in awe of all of the shows.    

It's OK that I failed another attempt to donate blood for the Red Cross but I received some tips and should be able to donate successfully next time.

It's OK that we went to see Peter Rabbit a couple of weeks ago and the kids and I still talk about it based on commercials we see.

  Cheers to a new week! Goodbye to last week!  I will be OK no matter what!   Looking back at the past few days or weeks what are you OK with?

Monday, February 19, 2018

Monday Motivation (Breakfast menu)

  They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day!  Who am I to question that?  So I will just eat it and go on with my day.

  I have found that we can stretch milk by adding hot meals to our week.  The kids don't complain about cereal everyday but a little variety is nice. Thankfully most breakfast items are eagerly accepted.

  This is our breakfast meal plan for the week!

Monday: Waffles

Egg and cheese quesadilla

French Toast

Thursday: Muffins


  Planning breakfast doesn't have to be hard.  I think it's way easier then dinner plans but, that's not the point.  The point is planning makes life so much easier, offers variety and challenges me with new recipes sometimes.

  A lot of people have a busy morning.  On a slow, easy going morning what do you make for breakfast?  What's your favorite breakfast?

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Week 8 Goals

  Let's get ambitious this week and aim high!  No, don't we do that already? 

1.  Finish 2 books!

2.  Fitness: 25 miles, 4 classes

I like TRX I just struggle with the time.  I like all types of cardio but, to meet 25 miles of accountability I need to stick to machines because I don't have a fitbit, lol.  So if I choose to swim or even dancing those are free unaccounted for steps/miles 

3.  Cleaning: freezer

4.  Make a snack for the week.  I'm thinking granola this week! This is my favorite recipe.

  I'll stop at 4!   Anything after that will just be a freebie!

  Good luck on your new week. A new week is a clean slate!  Full of new opportunities and possibilities! Challenge yourself and be kind to yourself. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Week 7 Recap

  Do you every have those weeks where your running in a meaningless circle?  That lovely never-ending circle.  How do we get in there?  I think it's a definite jump in kind of thing.  A don't look but leap deal because if we knew there was no way out would we jump in at all?

I only made it to the gym 3 times this week as I felt like a cold was coming so I was trying to fly low.

1. Finish the book!!!!
Done! Finally I am on to book 5!

2. Pitch to 3 more brands and update resume. 
I did pitch to 2 brands! So I was only short by 1.

3. Download pictures.  The memory is getting full on my phone again and things start to slow down.
I don't think I will ever have enough space!  I did download then I turn around add back my apps and take more pictures immediately. 

4. Have some Valentines Day fun with my kids! Because sadly, I may not if I don't write it down.  I may have just gave a box of chocolates to them and called it a day.

I did make krispie hearts with my son to share with his sisters!  I helped my daughter make cards for her important people! I also surprised everyone with a donut and box of chocolates! 

5. New recipe.
No, new recipe today.  Even my menu plan wasn't followed through because we had a lot of leftovers. 

As I'm feeling better at the end of the week and feel a little more productive I look forward to tomorrow and the new week.

Good luck and best wishes as you start your next week! 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Family Fun (nails)

  I have showed you how staying home can be just as fun as going out when it comes to hanging out with my kids.  This Friday was another day at home.

  Nail party!  Now granted I try very hard to discourage my son from getting his nails done.  He usually gets a smiley.  This week he was an active painter.

Per his request to use yet another of my birthday presents I received; I accepted his offer to paint my toes.

He selected my colors which involved alternating colors on each toe.  

He took his job very seriously and painted each toe with precision.  He showed great patience and dedication. 

I then painted my daughters feet!

She selected purple and gold.  She always likes alternating colors.

Finally I finished my hands! After all the time it takes to paint nails or have them painted requires a lot sitting still so I was on my hand to finish up.

Pink and gold for me!  

One thing I noticed from this activity was the attention to detail.  The television was on but my son didn't pay attention to it. He was doing something he wanted to do and nothing else mattered.

Such a fun evening at home!  How was you evening with your family or kids?

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Taster Thursday with Chickpeatos

OK I'm back with a couple of taste testers for our 2nd week of Taste Thursday.  I picked up this week's item last week on a grocery run.  My daughter was with me when I bought them and was excited to try them on the next taste day!  She even mentioned it a couple days ago too.  

Proof is in the pictures!

Or is it?

That first bite as you try to assess the snack is a look of concentration.  A new snack flavor is serious business when your trying to decide if it should stay or go.

 Today's snack is Popped Chickpeatos by Watuseefoods. I selected the Caramel Sea Salt flavor as I thought I would need all the flavor help I could get for this! 

  I picked up this .8oz bag at my local grocery store.  It was available  for $1.00!   Each bag is 1 serving and each bag is 100 calories. There is also 6 grams of protein in every serving too!

They have a nice dessert, sweet scent to them.  They look like white cheese puffs covered with some cinnamon. Upon taking a bite you immediately think it's a cheese puff!  I taste more of the sweetness then any pea or chickpea flavor.  Which may be helpful when trying to get kids to eat healthy.

My daughter liked these but my son was not a fan.  She did finish the bowl.  I would buy these again for her to snack on.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Random Acts of Kindness (sewing)

  Random Act of kindness means what to you?  Today at the library the event was for kids by kids.  My local library offers many events as I have mentioned before.  Well their latest one was to sew crayon pouches for kids.

  My kids know about volunteering and helping others but have never given physically from themselves.  Today they got that chance.

Today they sewed crayon pouches and left them there to be given away to other kids at a shelter or hospital.  The final destination was not determined yet.

  The kids are learning to sew!  They are getting better the more familiar they are getting with the concept.

The project started with a piece of red felt.  It was already pre-measured for us to use.

Tracing the heart was easy with an extra hand.

Cut out the heart for the front of the pouch. Yes, the pouch has a decoration!

Young eyes have just as much trouble threading a needle as older people.

So proud that my son likes to sew.  I don't see very well but he wants to take the class and does pretty well.

The finished project! 

The crayons slide right in and stay secure with the help of Velcro.

My kids had fun making these for unknown kids! I'm proud that they never questioned it once.  They didn't ask to make one for themselves either.  They seemed genuinely happy to make something and give it away.