Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 7,8,9 of 30 day challenge

I didn't realize I was three days behind just thought it was two. So let's get to how things are going.

Sunday Day 7
Breakfast: Yogurt with bananas, strawberries, blueberries and granola
Lunch: leftover salad from Friday
Dinner: leftover turkey sloppy joes, homebaked fries and
My workout on Sunday was going to be my rest day but I did go on a canoe for an hour.

Monday Day 8
 Not a good day. I know this already but it's still about accountability.  Somedays are not going to be as good.  My workout was great. My children and I went hiking and made 7 miles. Which is great but my meals is where I slipped this day.
Breakfast: strawberry and banana smoothie 
Lunch: fruit
Dinner: I essentially skipped as we left the park late and dinner would have been fast food but I picked at more fruit.

Tuesday Day 9
Today was a much better day.  
Breakfast: fruit
Lunch: pasta salad with kale, spinach, beans, peppers and garlic 
Dinner: leftover Zuppa Tuscany from last week
2 snacks, I wonder if it was the walking yesterday? 1 spoonful of peanut butter. A cup of pineapple whip.
75 oz of water
Workout: 33 minutes elliptical.

There now we are all caught up.  I ate a lot of leftovers but today's new recipes will be posted on the bottom.  My workouts vary as you can see.  I do try to maintain some kind of cardio every workout but do add weight training sporadically.  

Pasta recipe credit:                                              

Pineapple whip recipe credit:                         http://www.biggerbolderbaking.com/homemade-disneyland-dole-whip/

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