Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day 17

  Today is a new day as it is everyday you wake up.  I will never make the same mistake twice but may just make a different or new one.  I always try to make the right choices it just doesn't always end up that way.  I tried to make better choices today.  I spent another day away from home with my kids but I took actually time to make a lunch for myself and ate when we got home instead of on the road (or skipping altogether)  Skipping is easy for me especially if I'm going home to go to bed anyways.    We had a active afternoon and I had a lot of protein for lunch so I chalk today as a good day.

Breakfast: blueberry muffins (lots of healthy in them but did have wheat and white flour) and fruit and a fruit smoothie

lunch: salad with spinach, beans and tunafish

Dinner: scrambled egg with spinach and tuna, cottage cheese with pineapple, muffin
water 75 oz
workout 5 miles at the beach riding the 4 wheel bike on the boardwalk, stairs at Mt Trashmore,
cheat meal cheesecake (1/2 price today)

Keylime cheesecake!  No need to go into details other than it was delicious.

I need to share with you some of my workout for the day!
I rode this bike for a little over 5 miles.  I made it to one end of the boardwalk and set out to reach the other end and I did it.  It was a overwhelming amount of work.  More than I even imagined when I had planned to do it.  However I am glad I did and my kids thought it was pretty neat even when I was going extremely slow.  Sometimes it's all about making memories

  My kids and I spent so much time outside today and when we drove by these stairs my daughter told me she wanted to run them. Well, thank you little lady game on.  She is 4 and her energy is so amazing sometimes.  I look forward to see what she becomes when she gets older.  Will she be a future athlete?  She loves to run with me and stays with me on hikes a majority of the time.  She motivates me during exercises at home like I motivate her when I see her struggle.

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