Monday, January 23, 2017

It's Ok

  Did you know that even if the majority doesn't favor your opinion, it's ok.

 If your children are not happy with your dinner selection, it's ok.

  You can return a call in five minutes or an hour it's ok.

  I catch an It's OK post randomly from airingmylaundry.  Its a humorous post that she shares weekly about basically how her week went or lack there of but she accepts what happens and is going with the flow.  So this week I have decided to play along.

It's ok!

  That I didn't watch the football playoffs last and if it wasn't for social media I wouldn't have a clue who won.

  That even though I got a tattoo a couple weeks ago that part of me still wonders if it really is permanent.

  That I am so far behind Vikings but still let it hold up space on the DVR just in case I might watch it. (**Update my cable provider changed and I didn't even binge watch it before the plug got pulled.)

  That I didn't do anything productive this weekend to include dinner that I had my teenager make.

  How was your week?  What are you ok about?


  1. Football bores me to tears, so I never watch ;)

    I need to get my teenager to make dinner!

    And yup, I'm seeing on my Facebook feed that not everyone agrees with me, but you're right, it IS okay!

  2. Mine is;

    It's okay to slack for more than 24 hours after delivering a huge project!

  3. You are so right that it is okay. I find myself always like "I didn't do that one blog thing or other blog thing." And it is okay.

  4. It's ok that I stayed home with my daughter yesterday who was sick and didn't exercise or do anything productive - just sat and watched movies and played card games with her. I also didn't watch any football this year even though I love it because we don't have cable anymore and it's ok!

  5. Oh gosh, I'm not a sports girl at all so I will ALWAYS be ok with that lol. It's okay that despite a strict attendance policy at work, I decided to stay home with my daughter who was sick. She always comes first.

  6. I love these posts - Ive read a couple on the airing my laundry blog. I like your point about it being ok to not always be so readily available. I feel like there are always those people in life who guilt trip about being occupied - So you're right -it is ok to call someone back a little later ; )

  7. Over the years I have had very few ideas that my kids have readily approved of. There is always someone that isn't completely satisfied...but that is okay because I am momma. :) well said!

  8. Thank you for saying this! This week I'm OK with the fact that I slipped up on my healthy eating and accidentally ate half a bag of animal crackers lol

  9. this was a great reminder! it's ok to feel a certain way. this week i am ok with eating out a couple of times a week since my family is all sick lol

  10. Wow -- I like this post because it is helping me to realize that I really need to mellow out! I am trying to think about things to be okay about and I am still beating myself up for poor eating choices and not making it to the gym yesterday and not finishing something I wanted to (my own self-imposed deadline). I need to be more okay about things! Thank you!

  11. It's ok that I didn't cook one meal this week either. Instead, I let the husband figure things out while I convalesced and didn't even worry about it.