Sunday, January 17, 2016

Snow and Fun

  Yesterday we got our 2nd snowfall of the winter and new year.  This may not be a big deal to a lot of people but snow is a rarity here.  Also I think all children want to play in the snow.  This one granted us a little more than last time and actually stuck to the ground.

  Having it snow first thing in the morning is the best.  There is plenty of day light to play outside in and take advanced of it for all its worth.  Although the temperature is not the warmest you compensate for that.

  We got bundled up as you know it's frigid at 35° in VA!   Our "winter" coats do not match the "winter" coats of our neighbors up North.  For the most part it does get cold just not as cold for as long.  Also they do sell winter boots but you make the decision to buy a new pair every year (because the kids outgrow them) or just wear different boots.  My kids use rainbows or sneakers double and tripling socks.

Seeing the snow is a welcoming event!  Seeing it actually stick makes the day!

We must act quick!  You get dressed, run, play, snowballs and snowman.  All in a timely manner.  Sometimes as much as 15 minutes because it's cold outside!

  We have made record size snowman before but, today was not the day.  This is our dirty snowman.  There wasn't much snow so scrapping/rolling the snow collected the dirty and grass less than an inch under the snow all a soggy mess from the rain we had all day 2 days prior.

  Stay tune for other fun we had with the snow!


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