Monday, January 4, 2016

Food for Thought

  When you wake up every morning do you already have your day planned?  Do you follow a path permanently set due to routine?  What happens if you deviate from it?  What if you choose your own ending?

  Working everyday, driving the same way everyday.  Do you really like the whole ritual?  Do you find peace in knowing what's going to happen next?

  I hate change but I hate routine too.  I hate that my kids are content with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches everyday.  I hate that the couch has a dip in it where I always like to sit!  Did I make that dip probably and if I moved over either way I would not be happy.

  We all grow accustomed to some routines but change is good too.  I am on a path for change this year and would love for you to follow me and we can encourage each other.  What would you like to change and what do you have to keep.

  I could give up coffee but I don't drink enough.  Sweet tea is my weakness.  When I gave that up on my 30 day challenge I swear it helped me loose weight.  Right now I am struggling with gaining a few pounds because I can not workout as strenuous as I used to but today I worked out to a video with the medicine ball!  Let's encourage each other and see what happens.  I can assure you it can't get any worse then where we start.

  I'm tired of my routine of eating and lack of workout routine.  Food for thought!  What if I changed it?


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