Friday, January 22, 2016

Creative Action

  So growing up in NY your accustomed to snow and what it's full potential is.  We had winter carnivals and snow sculpture contests.  Went to school even when it snowed, lol.  My children have this concept drilled in their heads snow equals no school.  This misconception comes from the nearly 2 weeks of interrupted school last year.

  Raising kids in Virginia when it snows leads to the need to be more creative.  It's amazing how cold it actually is when it snows.  This leads to a huge dread on my part to get outside with the kids but they are so excited to see the white stuff we have to move and act quickly before it disappears.  One day already this snow season it snowed then stopped.  Nothing stuck and therefore there was no playtime!  What's the point of snow if you can't play in it?

  Enter potato pieces and snow!

 I bring snow in from outside and you insert the pieces just like you would with Mr.Potatohead.

 Depending on your snow it may be easier.  Sometimes her snowball was too packed for her to put pieces in.

Even the boy had fun playing with the snow and pieces.

Anything goes! 2 snowball pets!

The makings of a miniature snowman!

This lady was walking her dog!

We even enjoyed some snowcream.  Mint and vanilla flavored!  This is a rare treat based on the quantity of snow we get.  There have been years when the children have been deprived.

I will tell you what she played with the snow inside a whole lot more than she did outside.  Maybe all the winter clothes are too constricting.  It can't possibly have to do with the temperature of  30°.

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