Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ride Along 2 (movie review)

  Caught a matinee the other day and may be subjected to another on Friday but let's focus in the present time.  I saw Ride Along 2 the other day.  Ride Along is rated Pg-13 and runs for 1 hour 41 minutes.

  This comedy stars Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Ken Jeong, Benjamin Bratt and an appearance by Tyrese Gibson.  The two cops are back at it again. Protecting and serving the city until they get a tip that their perp is in Miami.  A detective finally gives in to bringing a certain rookie cop with him in hopes of his ship publicly sinking leading to a new career for said rookie cop.

  Of course in this movie we have the conclusion to a successful dating couple as there is a lot of wedding arrangements being made.  A bride is anxious of the apporaching date and no fiancee in sight.

  This is a comedy so keep that in mind.  Don't focus on a particular plot just loosen up and watch the banter between the "brothers in laws".  Kevin Hart throws out some sassy comments and Ice Cube is always quick to shut him down.  If Kevin wasn't busy saying something funny I found amusement in his uniform choices while on assignment in Miami.

  Again I wouldn't go with high expectations of guns, drug lords and high speed chases in this cop movie.  This is a comedy. Comedy first law enforcement second.  Loosen up and relax.

  I made it to the movies this time early enough for the previews and boy they were a bunch of doozies.  I can't even begin to tell you what is coming.  Go see Ride Along 2 so you can see those.  I don't want to spoil to much.  I must have been there too early as I didn't sit through the previews on this one.

  You don't need to wait for Redbox to catch this movie. Sneak out and see it during matinee times.

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