Friday, January 1, 2016


  It's here.  The new year is here!  Just in case you were sleeping last night.  It happened early this morning around 12:00.  I was looking for something grand.  All I saw were some confetti, lots of partying and fireworks at various places on tv.

  I woke up this morning and was surprised with all the high expectations I had of a new start with the new year that I would have been at least 5'7, blonde hair and blue eyes and Ahh with a great rack.  None of this happened.  I'm still 5'3, black hair, brown eyes and the same rack I have had for the last few years.

  No magic washed away the old me and no new magic made the world a better place.  I woke up to the same world.  The news will start a clean tally of the cities individual crimes ( I hate that).  First robbery of 2016 in this city and first murder in this city.  I always find that depressing.  Why keep track so we can rejoice at the end if the numbers are lower than the previous year?

  Well I don't like to feel left out of the social loop of making resolutions that I can toss away carelessly after I took days and months to make. So I too made some.  I will not brag and say I don't give up on mine.  I like to say mine become more of a intermittent resolution.  Meaning I don't focus on them everyday on a regular basis.

  This year I have took a long look at a few things and have narrowed down some areas I want to focus on.

2016 Goal

This is the year to volunteer!
I want to volunteer in a variety of areas and with a variety of organizations!

I want to read more
 - 52 weeks to read a book a week

Create more both with crafting with my kids to DIY projects for myself or as gifts!

My words to live by:
Motivation, determination, inspire, desire and achieve

I would love to make it to Hawaii this year. It's not like I haven't been but I would like to go back.

I look forward to leaping into the beauty world!

I also just want to find satisfaction and peace for my own well being.

  I would love to hear some of yours.  I have made some goals on the side.  Some daily, weekly and monthly goals just to give me more to do, lol.

Happy 2016 everyone!!

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