Sunday, January 10, 2016

Weekly Housekeeping and Stuff

  I am starting out my week already behind by not having a menu plan ready so let's get a little more focused for the rest of the week.  All goals set each week no matter their value are of some kind of importance.  Not necessarily for the year but definitely  for the month!

  My goals will give me inner peace and a feeling of accomplishment.  It's always nice to be able to check stuff off your list.  Make your list small. Start with 5 things. Laundry (2 loads), clean the whole bathroom top to bottom, plan 2 dinners, walk your neighborhood for 30 minutes, read 2 chapters (get up early and sip on some tea).

  You can get your to do list done. Keep you eye on the prize.

My goals this week:
  Make 2 new snacks
  3 days of working out! It doesn't have to be at the gym I just need to move
  3 crafts with the kids
  Make 1 you tube video.
  2 movies (one is a definite but want to see another)

  How do you stay motivated to complete you goals for the week?  Any incentive at the end?

  How high do you set the bar?  How many tasks do you set for yourself?

  I have so many things to do but the only way to complete them is to take things slow, make a list and keep going.

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