Friday, January 29, 2016

Kung Fu Panda 3 (movie review)

  Hurry go now don't even wait for my review.  Take the kids and catch that show.  I was going to skip taking my kids to this one because face it kids want to see everything but parents personally don't want to see everything so I was going to pass the buck on this one but, I'm so glad I went!

  Kung Fu Panda 3 is rated PG and runs for 1 hour and 35 minutes.  The cast includes: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman and Seth Rogen to name a few.

  This movie starts with one panda and ends with plenty.  Po is tasked with saving the day again in this movie.  He has to increase his talent and teach others to aid in his defense.  The world is being attacked by Jade monsters.  There are a lot of teaching quotes and motivation take note and enlighten your child.

  The movie is easy enough for all ages to follow.  There are not to many jokes above the children's head but various one liners more on a deep heart touching level.  Unlike a lot of animated movies there is a plot, there is a purpose and even lying has its consequences.

  My children sat glued in their seats through the whole movie.  My daughter mentioned how much she really liked the movie.  Even while watching it I said to myself I could watch it again at the theater and even watch it on rental.  DreamWorks made a great sequel.  This one may be my favorite yet!

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