Friday, January 8, 2016

Diy Project

One of my last DIY projects from last year sparked my interest in making the upcoming 2016 year a more hands on kind of year.  I wanted to expand and challenge my capabilities.  I shared with you the ornaments I made and I wanted to show you another type of ornament I made.

  For this upcoming project you needed some basic supplies.

  A glue gun, extra glue is always a good thing, ribbon and scrabble tiles.

  I actually had leftover ones from another project I did a few months ago.  So this was a great project to use the majority of them up.

  I purchased my tiles with the actual complete game of Scrabble at the thrift store.  You can however purchase just the tiles at various places.

For this project I assumed names pertaining to the holiday.

However you could easily make words pertaining to anything.  Based on what your going to use it for, when (holiday or not) and to whom your giving it too.

Glue the letters together and attach a ribbon.  You know have an ornament! Hang it on the Christmas tree, wall, a dresser knob, a gift tag for a present or even a rear view mirror.

 This was a super easy project to make; the hardest part was getting the tiles but once you get them you have unlimited possibilities.

I have a few of these ornaments left and what doesn't get distributed throughout the year will be given out for Christmas!

Be sure to keep following me as I share easy DIY projects.  Projects to keep or pass on as gifts.

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