Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Recap

  This week I am pretty pleased with my week.  All 4 planned meals were a success.  Although only one of them was a new recipe for me to try there's nothing wrong with that.  We still ate at home and used the pantry as a resource!

Chicken Potpie

Stuffed Shells

Blackbean Bugers

 Falafel and Couscous

I even actually had the teenager make all the meals this week.  This provided her with a first time using the food processor as well as frying.

I saw the Star Wars movie this week.  Of course going now allowed me to select any seat I wanted except 3 as that's how many other people were in there with me!  It was interesting. I definitely wasn't bored.  I was entertained through the duration and love any scene where there's a girl kicking butt!  I left once for popcorn which sometimes I use as an indicator of the movie but not this time.  I need to go back and watch the other movies though so I can get caught up in my mind. Not knowing/remembering about the others leaves a big gap.

I made a few projects this week both by myself and a craft with the kids.  This keeps me on track for my overall goal for the year.  Along with I did try a new hairstyle but I'll show you at the end of the month when we have met our goal.

Exercise was not met by a day.  Water is a conscious effort! My followers on other social platforms grows a little everyday.

I even managed to get caught up (ignoring present book) on an old book I needed to review!

So as its Saturday; it's time to make a new weekly goal!

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