Thursday, January 7, 2016

Kids Crafts

  One of my resolutions this year is to make more crafts with my kids and start and finish DIY projects.  I think if I practice all year round by the end of the year I may have come up with some pretty cool gifts that are acceptable to pass out over the holidays.  As well as a bountiful array of cards for various occasions through the year.

  Todays craft with the kids was a card for next month.  It is a simple card that you can share with anyone your child may think is extra special!  

Supplies: glue, a heart and paper you plan to shred any color or texture

I choose to use tissue paper based on what I had on hand and what kind of paper I was putting it on.   I actually had some hearts from a previous project so I cheated and used those.

Little hands need to get busy ripping up the pieces of paper.  Size doesn't really matter.

We choose to use 3 colors! (although my daughter let me know mid way through she wasn't going to use the red since her heart was already red).

Glue the bits of paper to the heart! Any colors, styles or patterns they choose.  This craft is an all 100% kid made project.

Two hearts created by two different kids with 2 different styles.

  They are 98% complete I just need to write or have my daughter write

   I love you to pieces

Get it?  Cute idea,huh? I'm not sure on where I'm going to write the sentiment yet.  I think these came out pretty cute though and everyone will know they are made by kids with minimal adult help!

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