Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Peek into School

  I have 2 little ones and although I have taught my 5 yo right along its an amazing challenge to work with two little ones say anything about one fun loving 3 yo who has other plans.  Lucky for him he has a permanent "I'm a boy card!". However we squeeze it in when we can.

  This week we are working on the letter "A" and although his sister already knows her letters she is more than happy to participate in his lessons.  That's fine by me.  It helps her learn patience and helps her to refrain and take turns.  She is also able to learn more phonics, learn capital and lowercase letters and words.

  These are some of the crafts we completed to incorporate "A" and reinforce the letter.  We will work on another craft but will concentrate on sound, various words, items, finding and writing the letter the rest of the week.  Mission is considered accomplished when he can identify, say, and tell you what starts with said letter.

 A is for alligators!

 A is for airplane!

  The alligator idea came from:  (yes, I know it says crocodile)

The airplane instructions vary and can be found on various sites to include pinterest!

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