Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

   We finally got to check out the Garden of Lights +NorfolkBotGarden.  I think we made this an annual tradition officially.  Everyone enjoys them and we point put different things we may see and sing together.

  This is a great way to see plenty of lights in various ways, frogs jumping, a spider and many more things.  You stay inside your car and drive through the gardens and are able to enjoy various displays made of lights out of all sides of your car!

  No complaints from all the occupants in my car young and old.  It's just a nice way to get out and spend time together.  Bonus is catching neighborhood displays on the way there and back.
  Check times and rates for available discounts.  If you arrive early you may get to skip the privilege of waiting an hour to enter the gardens!

  Have fun and go check out some lights!

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