Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 15 with Elf part 2 Be Kind

  We the children had fun if I do say so myself.   The elf not only taught them two new words but also encouraged them to be kind to each other and others.  My youngest daughter would even randomly say be kind throughout her day as if she liked the sound of it, or maybe it was a great concept.  She would remind her brother to act on it as well.

  For our be kind movement we choose different areas to act on, explore and learn from.  There should be a who, what, why in everything and end in observing how the recipient felt as well as yourself.  If you feel good you will continue (hopefully).

  We chose for our be kind mission:

1.  The firestation.  The mission bring cookies. To make them happy and know they are thought of.

2.  Toys for tots event.  The mission to donate a toy for a child to have something on Christmas.  To make a child happy with a toy.

3.  Help an animal shelter.  The mission to provide a donation to the shelter.  To provide something of use or fun to the animals.

4.  Nature.  To provide substance to the birds.  Even though the ground is not covered over providing them some food will hopefully entice them to visit us more and make them happy.

  It took us all day but it was a nice day even if busy.  We started out by making cookies.

Of course while I was in the other room the kids needed supervision so Elf was happy to help.  He was pretty strict.  Not a finger went in the bowl, muscles were however made during this stirring session .

Chocolate had to be retrieved for one batch of cookies and Elf knows about kids and chocolate so he watched very closely.  (Hint: if you bribe with chocolate nothing will get eaten)

Finished product
delivered safely.

Next stop was our toy donation. We had trouble locating a box.  I guess they were all picked up but after I sent a Facebook message I was pointed to 1 location and we headed there to drop off our toy.

The kids choose a toy yesterday for this event and it was neat to have the dialog with them.  She never once questioned why.  She picked out a gift and was happy to make another child happy.

Last stop on our day was to give some donations to the animal shelter.  There are a lot in the area but I choose one that I have gone to several times.  I looked online to see what they were looking for.  We selected peanut butter dog treats and a couple shoe boxes for the cats.

We ended our day with making bird seed ornaments.  They do need to dry so hopefully they will be ready to hang up tomorrow.

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