Friday, December 25, 2015

The hub bub of the holiday

    We participate in all the traditional fun of Christmas.  We unwrap presents, play, eat, nap and do it all over again minus the unwrapping part.

  Either way my goal is to not over indulge the children but to make it a special day for them.  The get a variety of items.  Some they want and some they don't.

New clothes for everyone.  Socks or underwear anyone? Yeah!

Toys for the young and old.

Toiletries for the teenage girl. Her very own stash to spare mine for a little while.

Even homemade ornaments made great gifts for everyone.

  My favorite thing to give my family are family gifts.  The kids get to each unwrap one of them and it's a surprise for everyone.  This year it hit a little bit of all areas for everyone to have fun in.

All the family gifts were accepted happily along with ......

The Pie in the Face game.

  No matter your traditions I hope everyone finds happiness somewhere in today.

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