Saturday, December 5, 2015

Tea for two


I have seen Matcha Tea everywhere. But have yet to taste it.  I even saw a recipe the other day for Matcha Tea sugar cookies. Matcha Tea is a finely ground powder specially grown and processed green tea.  So the sugar cookies in saw were green in color and it had nothing to do with food coloring or frosting.

  The tea comes with instructions and I even received a followup of tea recipes in my email.  There was emphasis put on the possible flavor.  Comments have been made about the flavor.  Suggestions of adding honey or a sweetner to enhance it is strongly encouraged.

  The container provided different dose measurements.  I tried the 1/2 tsp portion and will try the 3/4 tsp.  With the portion I took I drank some with just the tea then added honey.  The tea alone was not that bitter or bad tasting.  I could have drank it without anything.  After adding honey to it; the flavor was sweeter but still had the same green tea flavor base.

  I did wisk it up with a kitchen wisk as I don't have a Chasen.
  I have read that using this utensil makes a better froth and makes the tea taste better.  I guess I will not worry about it at the moment as I was fine with the tea as it was.  I did however chose to not whisk traditionally but placed the whisk in between my hands and rubbed the whisk shafts in between it.  Think of hand warming motion.  

Overall my opinion on Matcha Green Tea is definitely favorable.  Not only was I pleased with the taste it has many benefits as a tea.  Matcha Tea is a cancer fighter, fat burner and much more.

I was provided this product for my honest review and all opinions are my own. 

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